What is it about?

„Gifts from Regensburg“ is a student practical project led by Dr. Christiane Plank. With the goal of supporting and strengthening retail in Regensburg, a highly motivated team of young students from various courses of study at OTH Regensburg’s OTH Regensburg’s Faculty of Applied Natural and Cultural Sciences is working together with dedication. With the division into working groups for the website and its content, social media, press and SEO (= search engine optimization), the team wants to create an exchange platform for gift seekers and gift offerers with a special regional charm. In this way, everyone benefits: the students learn the PR trade and the featured traders receive free PR articles along with their distribution via Facebook and Instagram.

How did the idea come about?

The idea for „Gifts from Regensburg“ was born at the beginning of 2017, when Dr. Plank was looking for a practical project for the summer semester 2017 for the students in the course „Public Relations“ (General Science) as part of her teaching at the OTH Regensburg. Because: „Public Relations“ is one of those subjects whose thematic focus can be learned through practice and not just through mindless theory.
Why therefore not, a PR platform from the baptism lift, whose PR contributions over persons of the retail trade and suitable gift offers of unusual creatives, Dienstleistenden or Gastronomen from the pen of students come? In addition over press work and communication in social networks to the project and contents of the Website one should be made attentive.

The first Geschenke-aus-Regensburg team got started in the summer semester of 2017. With incredibly high commitment and good ideas, the team designed the website, determined the structure, wrote the articles and photos for the retail people – taking into account search engine relevance – designed the logo, set up and played on the accounts in the social networks, and wrote and sent out press releases.

More stores and gift ideas? Gladly!

With each semester, new contributions are added. We are therefore happy to receive tips on which gift ideas, service providers, locales and stores we can include. Just send us an email at info@Geschenke-aus-Regensburg.de.