Robert´s Weinkistel

The wine store for everyone

From sensual wine to Bavarian whiskey

„Wine is culture – wine is sensual – wine is joie de vivre“, freely according to this motto, the wine store at the Fischmarkt in Regensburg offers great wines from special winemakers from Germany, Austria, and Spain. Robert Balasch pursues the philosophy of making the enjoyment of wine accessible to all. His selection of country-wines as well as unique quality wines is therefore almost always available under a budget of 10 euros per liter bottle. Of course, you can also put noble brandies, high-quality liqueurs, or even traditional Bavarian whiskey in your shopping cart – here you will find everything that gives the evening its very special touch.

Robert Balasch and his self-created dream. Image: Robert Balasch

How the store evolved

During his former job in the field, Robert Balasch got around a lot in Austria and Germany. Even then, he had a special passion for wines and therefore visited all the winemakers throughout Austria and Germany. He bought wines for himself as well as for his friends as presents. His friends soon made him aware of his fine sense for excellent wines. Thus, 10 years ago, he had the idea to create a wine depot from his favorite wines, which eventually matured into an exclusive wine store.

The entrance to the wine paradise. Image: Robert Balasch

The design of the store

Robert Balasch opened the wine store „Robert’s Weinkistl“ more than 10 years ago at the Fischmarkt in Regensburg. Between the flowing waters of the Danube and the charming flair of the old town, he feels like he can offer his clientele the right ambience for their wine purchases. The former bakery was lovingly renovated and redesigned by Robert Balasch himself. Now, with a mixture of modern wine racks and rustic wine crates as well as wine barrels, the store conveys a pleasant feel-good atmosphere. According to the motto: you must find goodness in a beautiful store.  

The delicately expanded assortment. Image:Robert Balasch

Expansion of the assortment and services

Since his passion does not only include wine, the assortment was expanded soon after opening to include fruit brandies, liqueurs, whiskey and delicacies. From the beginning, the company’s philosophy was to offer only wines, sparkling wines, and brandies that he himself enjoys drinking and that come from winemakers he knows personally.

Other services offered by Robert’s Weinkistl include free deliveries in the Regensburg city area with no minimum order value and wine tastings by appointment. The liter of quality wine directly from the producer is already available for 4.50 euros. Further offers can be found on the Robert’s Weinkistl Facebook page.

Silberne-Kranz-Gasse 1
93047 Regensburg


Mi, Do 14:00 bis 19:00 Uhr
Fr, Sa 09:00 bis 19:00 Uhr

Author: Konstantin Pabst, OTH Regensburg