Coffee and delicacies from Regensburg

If you find yourself in the vicinity of the Brixener Hof in the cathedral city of Regensburg, you will notice one thing above all: the smell of freshly roasted coffee in your nose. Where does it come from? It comes from the traditional roastery Rehorik.

From Karlsbad to the Brixener Hof

Since 1928, Rehorik has been standing for quality, tradition, and good coffee. Hugo Rehorik opened the company in the old town of Karlsbad. After the war, he came to Regensburg and rebuilt the traditional house in the old vaults at Brixener Hof. Today, Joachim and Heiko Rehorik are the fourth generation to run the family business. The coffee roastery includes a cozy café with an inviting outdoor seating area, a cheese store, a delicatessen with a wine cellar, and a wine gallery. Around 50 employees work together and share their passion for coffee, wine and delicacies.

Gentle coffee roasting in a traditional ball roaster. Photographer: Simon Gehr, Image copyright: Rehorik

Rehorik’s coffee secret

What makes Rehorik’s coffee so special? Heiko and Joachim Rehorik take time for their coffee. They travel to the countries of origin of coffee cultivation and go in search of aromatic and high-quality coffee beans. It is very important for the Regensburg coffee roasters to maintain contact with the small farmers on site and to value the craft and the products.

In a traditional and over 1,000-year-old ball coffee roasting machine, the beans are gently roasted by hand for a long time. This gentle method of roasting coffee breaks down the acids in the beans and prevents the formation of bitter compounds that many associate with coffee.

Café with an unusual highlight

Rehorik Café 190° offers lovingly prepared breakfasts, a selection of coffees, fine specialty cheeses and delicious cakes. A very special highlight: with a bit of luck, you can catch a glimpse of the traditional ball roaster or look over the Rehorik team’s shoulder as they prepare coffee specialties.

During the Rehorik barista courses, the team demonstrates how the perfect cappuccino is easily made at home. Photographer: Simon Gehr, Image copyright: Rehorik

Rehorik specialties are perfect for home-use or as a gift idea

In the delicatessen there is something for every taste. The offer ranges from freshly roasted coffee, pastries, and delicatessen specialties. In the wine cellar next door, various types of wine, sparkling wine and spirits are waiting to be tasted. In the mood for something hearty? In Rehorik’s cheese store, located right next to the café, you will find fine cheeses. There’s also a selection of sausages, pastas, and sauces. Perfect for a small gift or souvenir from the cathedral city.

Delicacies to enjoy at home or Regensburg souvenirs are available at the Rehorik delicatessen. Photographer: Simon Gehr, Image copyright: Rehorik

Immerse yourself in the world of coffee, wines, and spirits

How do you prepare the perfect milk foam, how is coffee roasted and what makes good wine? The Rehorik team offers various workshops and seminars in which they share their knowledge. The complete offer and dates are available on the Rehorik website.

Curious? In addition to the main store at Brixener Hof 6, Rehorik can also be found in a branch in the Donau-Einkaufszentrum and in the wine gallery at Gesandtenstraße 16. Thanks to the online store, you can click through the assortment from the comfort of your own home. By the way: Rehorik delivers coffee, meat, sausage, cheese and much more directly to your home with cargo bikes in Regensburg’s old town. All information about the delivery service is available here. Have fun browsing and enjoying!

At the Rehorik Wine Gallery on Gesandtenstrasse, everything is concerned with good wine. Photographer: Florian Hammerich, Image copyright: Rehorik


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