The Kuchenbar

The small café, which can accommodate about 25 people, is located at the end of Stadtamhof, when you come from the Stone Bridge. Here, you can find not only homemade cakes, but there are also dishes from the daily menu, breakfast dishes and a bar. The cake bar team puts 20 to 24 different cakes in the cake showcase every morning. In total, the cake assortment consists of about 50 cakes, for which the recipes are all self-created. In the cake assortment you can find pistachio tart, raspberry white chocolate cake, apple milk rice cake, plum cinnamon cake, mango currant cake and many more. The cake bar also offers a rotating, selected choice of wines sourced from various Regensburg wine merchants. The crowd is very mixed, and you don’t need a reservation either, as you usually don’t have to wait for long. In addition, there is also the possibility of sitting outside in case the temperatures are warm or you can also just take away the pieces of cake at any time.

Die Kuchenbar creates and bakes all cakes itself. Photo: Die Kuchenbar

From a butcher’s shop to a pastry shop

Maria and Tom Winter, the owners of Kuchenbar, had the idea of opening their own café during a joint vacation. The conditions seemed ideal. Tom Winter is a restauranteur and Maria Winter a trained pastry chef. This combination resulted in the opening of Kuchenbar in 2010. The location was originally a butcher’s shop, so the rooms in the back were converted into a bakery, where Maria Winter baked the cakes by herself until a year ago. A year ago, a cook was finally hired, which enabled the cake bar to offer daily specials in addition to the cakes, and Maria received additional help with baking. Among the daily dishes offered are vegetable curries with rice, various quiches alongside salads, pasta dishes, and changing stews and salads of the season.

The owners, who initially managed the work in the cake bar by themselves, were initially concerned whether potential customers would really go all the way to the end of Stadtamhofer. However, the cake bar managed to establish itself and more staff could be hired.

Gift idea:

At Kuchenbar there are consumption coupons with any value to give away. The vouchers do not expire and can be used up on several visits.

Since there are also pieces of cake to take away, you can of course bring a small selection of cakes to a party or a meeting with friends or family.

One piece of cake that is taken at Kuchenbar is 3,30€.

In case you want to take it away, it’s 3,00€.


Am Protzweiher 1
93059 Regensburg

0941/ 38216995

Opening hours
Wen – Sat: 11:00-23:00
So: 11:00-19:00