Café Bar Malefiz

A place for morning gourmets

Quiet music, the clatter of dishes, lovingly arranged plates, the smell of coffee. These are the first impressions you get when you enter the small café in Regensburg’s old town. Somewhat hidden, near Neupfarrplatz, it has had its home in Pfarrergasse since November 2017. Since then, a detour to the little alley is definitely worthwhile.

The eye-catcher in Malefiz is the elaborately lettered blackboard wall.

Black and white pictures of Bud Spencer and Pierce Brosnan are hanging in an alcove, stylish vintage light bulbs and green plants are dangling from the ceiling. The interior is decorated in industrial style, and on a large chalkboard wall you will find lettered sayings such as ˈBreakfast is the most beautiful time of yearˈ. It is cozy at Malefiz. This is also due to the colorful mix of people. Young and old, students, but also families come to the café.

Süßholzraspler, Morgen Liesl, Hangover Waffles. The breakfasts at Malefiz have original names and are creatively arranged.
Strawberries, currants, blueberries, raspberries and banana, topped with peanut butter and homemade granola. This is Waldbeertoni, the most popular smoothie bowl at Malefiz’s.

When you look at the menu, the names of the breakfasts make you want to eat. Whether Gscheidhaferl, Spotzl or Ratschkatl, it all sounds interesting. The dishes are certainly convincing.

Colorful smoothie bowls with all kinds of fruit and homemade granola, avocado toasts, Belgian waffles, ciabatta with beetroot hummus, pastrami, or goat cheese and much more. Sweet or savory, croissant with butter and jam or breakfast for two, everyone will find something here.

If you take a closer look at the menu, you’ll notice that owners Julian Meindl and Maximilian Reif place a lot of value on regionality and a personal relationship with their suppliers. The in-house coffee roast is from the traditional Regensburg roastery Rehorik, the organic honey from a beekeeper from Prüfening, the tea from the municipal tea house Bachfischer and the ox pastrami from the butcher Wenisch from the Bavarian Forest.

By the way, if you believe that you must get up early to have breakfast, you’re wrong. Whether you’re a morning person or an early riser, everyone gets their money’s worth at Malefiz. Breakfast is available until 2 p.m. during the week and even until 5 p.m. on weekends.

In the evening Malefiz turns into a modern bar with fancy drinks.
As is well known, the eyes do not lie. Every drink that goes over the counter is prepared with attention to detail.

A place for night birds

Sometimes it’s indie, sometimes it’s hip-hop. Ice cubes are cracking in the shaker, the lights are dimmed and notes of citrus are in the air. That’s also Malefiz. In the evening, the café transforms into a modern bar whose creative menu leaves nothing to be desired. From Rüscherl to self-created drinks with thyme, basil, or chickpea foam. Whether simple or with a lot of frills. You won’t go home thirsty. And again, good things from the region must not be missing. MUT, Eisvogel and Rehorik are the names of Regensburg gins that you can try at Malefiz. Kloster Gold from the Karmeliten brewery in Straubing pays homage to the home of the two owners. From time to time, you can even enjoy your drink while listening to live music. Malefiz offers artists from the surrounding area a stage and thus provides, in addition to events such as the spirits tastings and other events, for an unforgettable evening at the bar. Info on all upcoming events can be found on Instagram, Facebook and of course on site.

Julian and Maximilian take over the bar at Chefˈs Able.

A taste of Lower Bavaria in the Upper Palatinate

It all started at the Myersˈ Bar in Straubing. This is where Julian and Maximilian met. Right from the start, the two of them were frequently on the road and paid visits to a wide variety of restaurants and bars. At some point they were like ˈwe can do that ourselves and we can even do it betterˈ. Their passion for good food and drinks initially gave rise to the idea of a coffee stand in Regensburg. Bureaucratic hurdles and a lucky offer made them make a decision. Such an opportunity won’t ever arise again, they thought to themselves, and Malefiz was born. Malefiz pronounced with [ts], that’s what Julian and Maximilian were called by their grandma when they were kids. Hence, it is evident that this name, which means rascal, has caught on. Malefiz has changed a lot since it opened two years ago. The passion, however, from which everything was born, has not only remained the same, but has even increased beyond that.

Gift idea

For all breakfast lovers who like to be spoiled once in a while, there are vouchers available for purchase at Malefiz. These can be issued for any value, or for a specific breakfast package. Special events such as the spirits tastings can also be given as gifts. Just stop by at Malefiz, buy a voucher and make someone happy.

Status: 05.12.2019 – Subject to change.

Author: Verena Geitz