Lilo – hats and accessoires from Regensburg

A hat salon in Stadtamhof with a feel-good flair

„I have been running my little store here in Regensburg since 2015 and it has now become my second home,“ store owner Lilo Kincaid proudly reports. She had previously worked as an independent milliner in Munich since 2002 before subsequently settling in the cathedral city. Lilo – Hats, Caps, Accessories is a small, cozy hat salon in Stadtamhof 9 in Regensburg. Inside the store, the milliner not only personally advises her clientele on the right headwear, she also sells her handmade creations herself with a lot of commitment and passion.

The store owner Lilo promotes her products with heart and soul.
Source: Lilo – Hüte, Mützen, Accessoires in Regensburg

Diversity instead of simplicity

„Headpieces, whether hats, caps or turbans, are back in vogue,“ Lilo enthuses. „But brides can also have their bridal veils and matching jewelry custom designed by me.“ Lilo’s small salon has quite a bit to offer. On the one hand, the trained milliner carries a wide range of different hat models, such as straw, felt or rain hats, but on the other hand, you can also find hats for every occasion in the milliner’s store. Lilo’s chemo hats represent a special feature in this category. „In 1988, I had a key experience with a young customer who was very unwell due to her cancer. That’s when I came up with the idea of chemo caps to make it easier for oncology patients to feel good again, even in spite of their illness.“ When making these chemo caps, it is particularly important to Lilo to use chemically untreated materials in order to provide her customers with a high level of wearing comfort „without scratching and itching“. In addition, the fashionista advertises scarves, shawls and headbands, as trendy accessories to round off any outfit. Lilo’s products vary between 25€ and 350€, depending on the model and size. For chemo caps, it is advisable to consult with your health insurance company in advance, as they often cover at least part of the costs. Lilo’s individually issued vouchers are a wonderful gift idea for loved ones. They can then either directly choose a headdress in Lilo’s hat salon, or have one made to measure according to their taste.

At Lilo’s there is something for every hat or cap lover.
Source: Lilo – Hüte, Mützen, Accessoires in Regensburg

The typical Lilo-Look

The shopkeeper attaches great importance to fairly traded and handmade products. „At my place, there is something for every head. With pleasure I meet the individual wishes of my customers and also make the products to measure. It can be colourful and unusual, the typical Lilo look,“ smiles the fashion designer. At Lilo’s, there are no limits to patterns, colours and shapes. When choosing her fabrics, Lilo enjoys being inspired by travels. „I often bring home a selection of exotic fabrics from my trips, which can be used to create wonderful new, unusual products for my customers.“

Dig in and let yourself be inspired

Lilo Kincaid’s love for all kinds of headwear is already noticeable from the outside. The store owner has lovingly decorated the store window with a wide selection of hats, caps and accessories. Upon entering the store, one already senses that colorful, bright and lively charm that also characterizes Lilo’s headwear. The multitude of hat models on display seems overwhelming and you first have to pause for a moment to let the many impressions of the store take effect on you. The unusual, colorful and partly exotic patterns of Lilo’s hat creations are also reflected in the interior of the salon. The fashionista skillfully combines rustic furniture with funky, colorful and extravagant elements in her store interior. Both the store owner herself and her store exude a congenial atmosphere that invites you to linger.

The small store in Stadtamhof is distinguished by a lot of attention to detail.Source: Lilo – Hüte, Mützen, Accessoires in Regensburg

Stadtamhof 9
93059 Regensburg

Telefon: 0941 2086953

Author: Lisa Vogel