Peacehand – second-hand fashion

Awareness for responsibility concerning fashion is the essence of Peacehand

Since June 2017 there is the lovingly furnished second-hand store of Nicole Heiß. At Peacehand, clothes that are no longer worn get a second chance to make other wearers happy – contrary to the trend of „fast fashion“. The focus lies on casual everyday clothing for young adults. Through the constantly changing assortment of clothing, shoes and accessories, the store offers a wonderful alternative to large fashion chains.

Nicole values contributing to a sustainable world of fashion

The business idea came about because Nicole has personally been dealing with the topic of sustainability and fashion awareness for a long time. Acting responsibly, creating a value-oriented awareness for nature – these are her heartfelt issues. After studying at the University of Regensburg, she first worked in refugee aid. Now her life motto has become her profession: „Be the change you want to see in this world.“ Her desire is to create incentives for her customers to consume fashion consciously.

The boutique invites customers to stroll fairly

The boutique is located very centrally in the beautiful old town of Regensburg not far from the cathedral (Unter den Schwibbögen) and offers, in addition to clothing, products such as SoulBottles, CoffeeCups or the finest organic chocolate. These are of course great gift ideas or souvenirs!

The cozy couch corner in the middle of the store invites you to lounge around. If you want to, you can get inspired by Nicole’s selected literature on the subject of sustainability while enjoying a hot coffee.

And please don’t forget: Clothing donations are always welcome!

For more info, visit Nicole’s website.

Unter den Schwibbögen
93047 Regensburg

0152 03160951

Di – Sa: 11.00 – 19.00 Uh