Milk Regensburg

Large selection of international fairtrade fashion

Milk takes a clear stand against „fast fashion“ with its fair clothing. Many international and also regional companies, most of which produce organically, are represented here. Another treat for people who pay attention to where and how their clothes were produced are the fairtrade brands – about 90 percent of the items which are offered fall under this category. Thus, one can go shopping without feeling guilty. Your closet is certainly looking forward to one or the other fairly produced speciality.

Milk offers fashionable pieces from all around the world

The store in Regensburg’s old town originated from a Scandinavian franchise. After a concept change in 2015, the owners decided to get out and founded the store Milk according to their own ideas and visions. Since then, the owners are completely free to decide what they offer, from whom they source it and how they display it. As a result, you can always find micro-productions that are made directly by locals in Bolivia, for example, and the proceeds are returned almost one-to-one. Many of their brands come from England – which fits well with the retro-inspired styles on offer. Further inspiration and seasonal outfit suggestions can be regularly found on the social networks.

Vintage rarities and colourful clothes

In the cute store you will find a wide selection of beautiful colourful clothes which are draped between vintage rarities. From handmade hats to matching dresses and shoes – you will find everything you need for dressing from top to bottom. In the lovingly decorated store you can find something for everyone – whether it’s a gift for yourself or a souvenir of a special kind. For example, what about a beautiful brooch for your mother, a motif necklace for your best friend or boxer shorts with hearts for your sweetheart? As an alternative, if gifting underwear isn’t your thing, you could also end up with a gin from the region or a cocktail maker tool for gentleman from the „men’s corner“.



Author: Veronika Lehner