Where man may be child again

Gift ideas in the heart of the old town

At Ulrich Böhm’s toy store, everything revolves around the most beloved objects of one’s childhood, and some of them can still be found in Regensburg’s children’s rooms today: From modern play figures and children’s books to classics like spinning tops or board games. However, one thing in particular is close to Ulrich Böhm’s heart: „Wood itself and wooden toys have simply fascinated me ever since I was little“. These are also to be discovered everywhere in the shop. Particularly beautiful are the wooden letters, which can be used to make any name.

Ulrich Böhm never fails to delight his customers with his toys. Image: Ulrich Böhm

Unique souvenirs from the cathedral city

In addition to toys, you can also find creative souvenirs such as the Regensburger Guckkasterl in this cozy little store. This is a small cardboard box in which various Regensburg sights are hidden with loving details made of cardboard. This unusual gift is already available from 5.90 euros. As a unique souvenir, Menschenskinder also offers the T-Light, a tea light umbrella with Regensburg landmarks. The owner particularly likes the fact that it fits into an envelope and is thus perfect for mailing. For only 6.90 euros, it is therefore an exceptional gift for distant friends and relatives. He sells his products with dedication, some of which come from all over Germany, like the creative enamel cups, or even directly from Regensburg, like the lovingly hand-printed postcards. Putting a smile on people’s faces and bringing back one or two memories of childhood is what Ulrich Böhm is all about.

The Regensburger Guckkasterl is a unique souvenir.
Image: Ulrich Böhm

Enthusiasm for wooden furniture and toys

It all began 20 years ago, when Ulrich Böhm helped a friend who furnished kindergartens. There he rediscovered his enthusiasm for wooden furniture and toys. As the saying goes, „You should always keep a little child in you,“ says Ulrich Böhm with a smile. The fascination for wood, which had already captivated the founder in his student days and has ever since not let him go. Hence, Andrea Zrenner he got the idea of opening their own store. Since 2000, you can now browse the shelves of „Menschenskinder“, even though the co-founder unfortunately had to quit due to time constraints. Since then, Ulrich Böhm has passionately continued to run the store at Kohlenmarkt in the middle of the old town and always welcomes every customer with a smile, making you feel at home immediately.

A journey back to childhood

Lovingly filled postcard racks and an invitingly decorated shop window tempt you to enter and browse the store as soon as you enter the small alley at Kohlenmarkt. Once inside the small but tastefully decorated shop, you automatically travel back to childhood. There is always something new to discover: you will find beautiful board games as well as unusual postcards. The centerpiece is a small table in the middle alongside Uli Böhm’s favorite toys: spinning tops. Whether large or small, made of wood or plastic, even spinning tops that can turn upside down. Everyone will find their favorite, starting at just 4.90 euros. Anyone who wants to make a child happy, surprise themselves or a friend with a nice gift, or simply look for a nice souvenir from Regensburg will find something on the numerous shelves and stands.

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Owner: Ulrich Böhm

Kohlenmarkt 1

Cornering Untere Bachgasse

93047 Regensburg

Tel. 0941/59058

Opening hours:

Mon-Sat: 10-18 h

Closed on Sundays

Author: Helena Schlosser, OTH Regensburg