Exclusive lifestyle items that make perfect last minute gifts

The gift store Gumprecht in the middle of Regensburg’s city center is the perfect place to go when it’s time to say: „Oh my God, where am I supposed to find a nice gift now?”.

The modern gift store is divided into two sales areas. On a shopping area of about 180 square meters, visitors will find all kinds of lifestyle items, beautiful individual home accessories and kitchen utensils, fun game ideas, numerous stationery items, as well as paper and office supplies. The assortment also includes unusual gift items such as bicycle-shaped pizza cutters, funny pineapple-shaped erasers, and colorful wish-granting bags. Gumprecht carries ecologically valuable products such as bags from Firewear or Zirkeltraining, as well as high-quality articles from the Mont Blanc and Faber Castel brands. Every article and every label is handpicked by the owner Christian Plotzki.

Welcome to Gumprecht

Uncomplicated and the highest service quality

At Gumprecht, you can truly feel the attention to detail. With pleasant background music and lighting, customers can take all the time in the world to browse comfortably without any pressure to buy. Christian Plotzki and his friendly team really do put their customers first. For example, the store guarantees every guest a 100 percent exchange guarantee without annoying discussions. To convince themselves of the quality of service, the store also offers its customers the opportunity to compare prices on the Internet using an iPad on site.

The slight „panic“ of being empty-handed in front of the recipient is therefore reduced to zero. In any case, after a visit to Gumprecht you will have the feeling that you will always know where to find a suitable gift in the future. That’s a promise!

Christian Plotzki’s childhood dream

With the opening of the Gumprecht gift store, a real childhood dream has come true for Christian Plotzki. He still fondly remembers the time when a former schoolmate drew him a picture showing her shopping in his store. That’s how the trained retail salesman mustered all his entrepreneurial courage and, together with a friend, opened “Geschenkeladen mit Herz” (retail store with a heart) in Regensburg in April 2011.


Neue-Waag-Gasse 1
93047 Regensburg

0941 4639857

Mo – Sa: 10.00 – 19.00 Uhr

German Version: Gumprecht