Füllgut – the reusable shop

Best food quality which is exclusively unpacked!

You value regional and sustainably produced organic products? You no longer want to support the vast amounts of packaging and food waste by shopping in conventional supermarkets and drugstores?

Then Füllgut, the first and so far only unpackaged store in Regensburg, is just the thing for you. Füllgut is a lovingly decorated retail store in Regensburg’s old town, where you can buy everything from cleaning products to cosmetics and a wide range of food. For the very cordial and passionate store owner Jasmin Simmel, the regional reference, and the sustainable production of the products as well as the careful handling of nature have top priority. Thus, customers can fill the containers and bags they have brought with them in any quantity after noting the empty weight of the containers. Whether it’s delicious organic products, fresh vegetables, or environmentally friendly, skin-friendly shampoo – everything goes into your own containers. After weighing again, the price will be determined at the checkout.

Jasmin Simmel’s crowdfunding campaign to keep the shop running

Jasmin Simmel’s interest in homemade cosmetics and cleaning products has always been strong, so she tried out a wide variety of recipes over the past few years and then passed on the knowledge she had acquired in workshops. When Füllgut, located in Obere Bachgasse, was in danger of closing, she put out a call for crowdfunding in Regensburg to keep the store, which was launched in 2016. The result was clear: The Regensburg locals wanted the store to continue. As a result, Jasmin Simmel discarded her idea of her own sustainable café and took over Füllgut in the spring of 2018.

Today, she is certain: „This is the most exciting year of my life!“. In the meantime, she fulfills special product requests of her clientele with a lot of dedication and offers various workshops for the independent production of care and cleaning products as well as sugar-free nutrition. The workshops offered are posted on the Filling Good’s Facebook page. A large, consistent assortment, which at the same time allows the choice between different types of pasta or muesli, is offered at Füllgut. Jasmin Simmel is particularly enthusiastic about delicious vegetable tofu and quinoa produced in Bavaria. In the future, she is planning on opening another unpackaged store in her hometown of Straubing.

Zero Waste gifts, without packaging of course!

Become part of the Zero Waste Movement and convince your friends and family with store vouchers, vouchers for versatile sustainability workshops or with little treats made from the filling material. Whether it’s homemade crunchy granola, a rich winter face cream made from almond oil and beeswax, or a stylish coffee mug made from coffee grounds, there’s something for everyone. The store vouchers are issued in any amount, while the vouchers for the workshops and the ingredients needed for them cost 30€ (as of December 2018).

Stop by, get inspired by the diverse range of products and do something good for the environment by the way!


Obere Bachgasse 18
93047 Regensburg

0941 78849080

Di-Fr: 11.00 – 18.00 Uhr
Sa: 10.00 – 15.00 Uhr