W1 – center for young culture

The W1 with its culture café has existed in this form since 2009 and belongs to the city of Regensburg as an institution of the Office for Municipal Youth Work. It is located near Haidplatz behind the Thon-Dittmer-Palais at Weingasse 1 (from which the name W1 is derived).

This center for young culture offers events, projects and workshops in the fields of theater, dance, visual arts, handmade, film and photography, language arts (e.g. U20 poetry slams, reading evenings and stages), exhibitions and music. Appropriate premises, equipment and materials are available for this purpose.

The W1 Café, more than just a meeting place for Regensburg residents. Photo: City of Regensburg

Three full-time staff members and, if necessary, an intern as well as a volunteer are responsible for the café’s administration, support, and advice. The offer of the W1 is aimed at young people and young adults, but also at all those who are interested in young culture or would like to contribute to it.

The Culture Café

The Kulturcafé on the first floor of the W1 is the central meeting point as well as the event space for regular concerts, readings, theatre performances, poetry slams, handmade workshops and, of course, the popular open stage format „Home is where the Art is“. It allows visitors to learn, experience, create and network culture.

Culture can be learnt and created, for example, at the handmade workshops on DIY, upcycling and sustainability that take place at Kulturcafé. Visitors can experience culture at reading stages, concerts and at „Home is where the Art is“. Kulturcafé is the hub of the house and invites you to network, to exchange your ideas, to be inspired or to linger. On site, you will find literature as well as inexpensive drinks and snacks.

Participation fees and beverage prices

The entrance and participation fees for events are designed in such a way that they can be easily afforded by teenagers and young adults. For example, a ticket for a specially organised concert or a U20 poetry slam costs three to five euros. Usually, tickets can only be purchased at the box office, but in exceptional cases, reservations are also possible. A concert ticket as part of a personal voucher would be an ideal gift idea here.

Viele Veranstaltungen, wie „Home is where the Art is“ oder die Handmade Workshops sind kostenfrei und bedürfen keiner Anmeldung.

The unique, delicious Red Riding Hood Feta Toast. Photo: City of Regensburg

The prices for drinks are also affordable. For example, a cappuccino is €1.20 and various sodas no more than €1.50. In addition, there are also non-alcoholic beer, beer, wine, and other hot drinks. Often you can look forward to the „funky toasts“, such as the „Little Red Riding Hood and the Feta“ or „Goat Peter“ toast for 1.50 €.

Opening hours

The Culture Café is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5 to 10 pm and on Fridays from 5 to 8 pm. However, it should be noted that it is closed on holidays and event days, or the opening hours change accordingly during events. Thus, before trying to go for a coffee, you better have a look at the events calendar on the website or on Facebook.

Here are some selected examples from the areas of concerts and language arts:


One of the many offers of W1 are concerts. You can experience bands from the alternative scene in particular, such as indie, singersongwriter, alternative or indietronic. Most of the times, national or international artists perform alongside young regional support bands.

Below is a list of bands that have performed at W1 once or several times:

Regional guests: Telquist, Stray, Looking for Alaska, Redhead Gang….

International guests: Scott Matthew, Lasse Matthiessen, Jordan Klassen, Fenster,…

German guests: Lilly among clouds, Sir Simon, Pelzig, Aloa Input, Kitty Solaris, Saroos…

Language arts

A wide variety of events and offerings also take place in language arts. For example, the U20 Poetry Slam has been held at W1 for years and attracts language artists of a special kind to the stage time and again. Once a month there is also a poetry slam regulars‘ table, where both inexperienced and experienced poetry slammers can meet and exchange ideas in a cozy atmosphere – not bad for those who need a little dress rehearsal for the next performance.

Furthermore, there are reading stages and reading evenings where authors present their works or visitors can read out their self-penned texts.

Webseite: regensburg.de/W1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/w1.kultur/

Sign up for the newsletter here: jungekultur@regensburg.de

Weingasse 1
93047 Regensburg

0941 507-2555

Opening hours
Wen+Thu: 17.00 – 22.00
Fr: 17.00 – 20.00

Author: Fatima Daher, OTH-Regensburg