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Enjoying the calmness around you. Being in nature. Simply switching off. That’s exactly what many locals, plagued by everyday stress, wish for. Especially in the summer, when the sun shines down on your face. At this time of the year, there is a lot to do in Regensburg. One festival follows the next. But what about real relaxation?  In nature? SUP-PORT-Regensburg is the right destination. The stand-up paddleboards promise fun for the whole family all year round. The perfect gift idea for all outdoor fans in Regensburg. Of course, we had a few questions, which Sabine Neumeier, Managing Director of SUP-PORT-REGENSBURG, was happy to answer.

Idyllically located: in the beautiful district of Großprüfening, you can find SUP-PORT directly on the Danube riverside. Image rights: SUP-PORT Regensburg

How would you explain “SUP-PORT”?

It is called SUP-PORT, as „SUP“ stands for „Stand Up Paddling“ and „Port“ stands for harbor. Hence, SUP-PORT-REGENSBURG is our own creation.

What are the three words to describe SUP-PORT?

I would first of all say familiar. After all, we are not a big company. We rent our SUP’s, do everything together and want families to have fun together. The next word is uncomplicated. We operate SUP-PORT from home, which means you can call and pick up your SUP shortly after. We don’t have holidays or Sundays, so it’s very quick and easy. We are always there for our customers, from Monday to Sunday – until the sun goes down. The third word stands for everyone. Our standard boards are really suitable for everyone. That means you don’t have to be particularly sporty either.  For families we have our bigger boards and for speed fanatics we also have touring boards up our sleeve. Hence, as I said: family, uncomplicated and for everyone.

Besides the rental, what do you offer your customers?

Currently we are offering yoga courses. Up to eight participants can do yoga on the special boards and dock on an island. The island then looks like a star with the yoga teacher in the middle. The course combines the enjoyment of water and yoga.

And for group tours and team events, you can rent the SUPs with appropriate transportation or the yoga island including boards and teacher.

Are there age restrictions for the boards?

No, there are basically none.

Thus, the whole family can join in. If I want to start paddling right away, what do I have to do?

You will have to come to us in Großprüfening. We run a garage store from our home. From there we rent out the Stand Up Paddleboards. Thereby we are only about 300 to 400 meters away from the Danube. From there you can take the inflated SUP, equipped with a practical rolling aid, to the Danube, get on and paddle. Of course, it is most beautiful on the Naab, where there is no boat traffic, waves or jet skis that could possibly interfere. But everyone can do it the way the want.

A nice birthday present. And also a nice gift idea from Regensburg. Can you celebrate events at SUP-PORT?

That is no problem. Whether it’s a bachelor party, a company event, or a birthday party, anything is possible. At the moment, we already have requests for company outings where yoga is to be done together. We also have MEGA-XXL-SUP’s. On these, up to eight employees can enjoy themselves. 

What is especially important to you with regard to your costumers?

That they are well informed by us in advance. That means, everyone who wants to, gets a short briefing on the spot. We also always have an inflated SUP there to demonstrate how to go into the water with the board. Our goal is to make the customers feel safe. But it’s also important to us that people can call at short notice. If someone asks, „Wow, it’s such a nice afternoon today, and a Sunday, too. Where can I get a board now?“ then they simply call us and come by shortly afterwards. This spontaneity is very important to us. And, of course, that everyone takes home a nice memory afterwards. Just as we can always report on great experiences.

Why should customers buy a voucher right here? What is SUP-Port’s special advantage?

SUP-Port’s special advantage is that here on the Danube, colloquially speaking, you don’t paddle in circles, as is the case on a lake. You can make tours here, for example from Bad Abbach to Großprüfening. During the break you can stop at the Walba and have a wonderful day trip. You can also cross over to the Naab. In addition, we are very close to the city. I personally see that as a big advantage, because you can come by on your bike in the evening after work and get a board. Then it’s off to the Danube for a bit of relaxation. Thus, the advantage of SUP-PORT for us is clearly its location.

Awesome! Last question. What was you most bizarre and what was your most beautiful experience so far?

I have to be honest, I haven’t really had a bizarre experience yet. We have a couple friends who have dogs, they borrowed our family board some time ago. Then during the day, we suddenly got a photo with them and their dog on the board.

Isn’t that bad for the board?

For the board it is not an issue at all. And for the dog either. He felt very comfortable and let himself be paddled on the Naab. If someone wants to take their dog with them, that’s not a problem for us. And the dogs, if they are not exactly afraid of the water, also have their fun. And the best experience so far was actually a family tour. We drove the boards to Bad Abbach, inflated them there and then took a leisurely walk along the Danube towards Walba. There we had a good lunch, relaxed, rested and then did the second part of the tour. On such a tour, when you are on the road for three to four hours while having nature around you, you can totally switch off. It’s just pure idyll and a lot of fun. And at the same time, you have the sporting challenge because your board won’t move on its own.

Great! Tthank you for the nice and informative interview, Mrs. Neumeier!

With pleasure. Thank you!

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Sabine Neumeier
Großprüfening 38
93049 Regensburg

Phone: +49 178 / 68 19 136

A competent contact person – Sabine Neumeier from SUP-PORT Regensburg

Author: Rebekka Eichenseher