Ceramic painting workshop “La Fabrique”

Marianne Mion owns the ceramic painting workshop „LA FABRIQUE“ in the west of Regensburg. Her services guarantee a unique gift.

What is it that you offer at La Fabrique?

As a start, I give my guests a brief verbal instruction or introduction to various ceramic painting techniques. After they have painted their chosen raw ceramic objects to their liking, the vessels are ready to be picked up within a week, glazed and fired by me. In addition, I also offer commissioned work.

The friendly manager Marianne Mion is always available to answer questions. In addition, delicious teas are offered at the counter.

How did you get into this profession or how did the idea come about?

Art is as important to me as air and water. I love visiting exhibitions and I worked as a sculptor for a few years, among other things. The business concept comes from America and can be found in almost every city there. It has also spread to some cities in Europe. In Munich I discovered such a store for the first time and I liked it very much. Before opening my workshop in Regensburg, I consulted a ceramist to acquire the techniques and some basic knowledge.

What is special about your store?

The customer is first and foremost my guest. It is generally important to me to create a family atmosphere. The KeramikMalWerkstatt should be an open living room, so to speak, and people should feel at home. Direct contact with the guest is very important to me. That’s why I have some regular guests and I’m always happy to see them.

How did the name “La Fabrique” come about?

I am French and the way things are handled in my store is also very French. „La Fabrique“ is a very positive word for me. It speaks of craftsmanship, workers and everything that is fabricated. I thought „La Fabrique“ is great because Germans have no problem with this word. The name is clear and needs no explanation.

What is your main clientele?

Most of the people who come to my store are women, but now they are increasingly accompanied by men. Children and young people also like to come to the store. The range of products is designed to appeal to all generations.

Groups of friends like to enjoy their after-work evenings at la Fabrique and group bookings are also common. In addition to birthday parties and family events, the KeramikMalWerkstatt is ideal for company or school outings. In addition, bachelorette parties are on the rise.

What materials are available on site?

There is a wide range of raw ceramic objects. Most often, cups are chosen for the painting works. But tiles, plates, jugs, vases, and many other objects are also available. In addition, I provide my guests with non-toxic paints as well as brushes, stamps and more for their use. Pretty aprons are also provided.

How much time should one allow when visiting the ceramic painting workshop?

At least three hours for the first time. If people feel they need some time off and relaxation, they should be able to drop in spontaneously. That’s why I have regular opening hours, during which people can also visit the workshop without a reservation.

Marianne, thank you very much for the interview – all the best!


Lessingstraße 20
93049 Regensburg

0941/4611 4766

Author: Felina Unterreiner