Bookstore Altenbuchner

The fascinating world of books

Here you can find gift ideas in the middle of the old town of Regensburg

Inside the bookstore near the Kohlenmarkt, everything revolves around the fantastic world of books. The bookstore is located in the heart of Regensburg’s old town. The owner Heinrich Altenbuchner talks about his passion: books. The assortment is personally selected by Heinrich with a lot of prudence. He is particularly keen on providing customers with individual and personal advice: „We take people seriously. The focus is on the content and not on the checkout. It’s not about what else you could sell.“ At Altenbuchner’s, you get the feeling of entering a bookstore, the likes of which are no better described in fantasy books: it smells like books, paper, old knowledge, hidden adventures, and somehow it also smells like experience and „wisdom.“ Entering the bookstore also means entering a world of wondrous silence and tranquility, coupled with a loud joy for the literary journey to come. The wooden shelves, the small staircase to the upper floor, the minimalist checkout area – everything speaks for itself in a pleasant and unobtrusive way.

All book lovers get their money’s worth at the Altenbuchner bookstore. Source: Alexandra Berger

Harte Jahre literarisch

Heinrich studied Latin and theology to become a teacher in Regensburg and has completed training as a bookseller. Heinrich gained his first experience in the book business as an employee in a bookstore. In 1987, he fulfilled his own personal life’s dream of opening his own bookstore. Heinrich reads a lot himself and has many favourite books. He expects a book to have a personal anchor and to surprise its reader. His current favourite is Hard Years by Mario Vargas Llosa.

Heinrich Altenbuchner provides his customers with advice and support. Source: Alexandra Berger

Personal preferences instead of bestseller lists

The level-headed and rather introverted bookseller has managed to build up a loyal clientele over the years. He now knows most of his customers very well and knows which books fascinate them. That may be the secret behind his ability to make highly individual recommendations to his customers. Heinrich follows his personal intuition: „I don’t have a bestseller list, because those do not touch the readers personally. People are so fixated on ratings, but not everything that has been rated positively by many has to inspire the individual reader.“

An exquisite selection instead of mainstream literature

The assortment at Altenbuchner bookstore is carefully selected by the owner himself. The special feature? There are hardly any mainstream books represented in the bookstore. Also, not every conceivable category, such as „sports“ or „travel guides“ is available. Instead, there is a specific assortment of, for example, children’s books, picture books or cookery books. Visitors also like to browse through the gardening books or natural science articles sections and discover surprising finds.

The bookstore’s assortment is personally selected by Heinrich Altenbuchner with great attention to detail.

A paradise for music box lovers

In addition to the books, exceptionally beautiful music boxes with a wide variety of melodies, such as „Jim Knopf“, „Pippi Langstrumpf“ and „Für Elise“, make the hearts of some customers beat faster. By the way, the music box is the only by-product offered for sale. Our tip for Regensburg visitors from near and far: a visit is worthwhile because of the music boxes which make perfect souvenirs from the cathedral city of Regensburg.

„I want to stay the way I am“.

Heinrich talks about his ideas for the future: „A few years ago, I was advised to sell additional products alongside the books in order to stay in the market. About three years ago, I was advised to focus purely on selling books again. I’ve hardly changed anything about the bookstore for so many years, only the number of books I sell has increased.“

Author: Alexandra Berger, OTH Regensburg


Individually tailored pieces for the young and the old

The small studio in Kramgasse 1 is definitely very special. When we visited the store, we were greeted very warmly by Stephanie, who was sitting at her sewing machine creating one of her unique garments. This is what „Schwesternliebe“ is all about. Their focus is children’s fashion, but there are clothes for adults as well. Everything is handmade by the sisters Stephanie and Dominika right in the store. For men there are great T-shirts, for the ladies the dirndls are very popular, which thanks to the removable apron can be worn dresses in the summer. Due to the individual design options, everyone can find their own personal gem at the store. We found the handmade bibs for children especially cute. Stephanie told us that the absolute best seller is the T-shirt with the imprint „BAZI“.  The two put special emphasis on sustainable organic cotton, which is produced fairly. As add-ons, Schwesternliebe also offers self-designed stamps.

What started as a homemade gift idea is now a tailor shop

Of course, we wanted to know how the idea of „Schwesternliebe“ came about. The hand-embroidered fashion for children and adults has now been around for over 12 years. Stephanie was 18 at the time and flew to New York with her aunt. Her absolute must-have from that vacation was one of the famous „I LOVE NEW YORK“ T-shirts. Back in Germany, she realized that she had forgotten her desired souvenir. Some time later, Dominika surprised her and gave her a homemade T-shirt with exactly this logo. This moment was the origin of „Schwesternliebe“. The desire to create something special and the love for fashion serves as the connecting string between the two sisters.

Alongside the „Gänsefüßchen“ the sisters offer great gift combinations

The full name of their company is actually „Schwesternliebe in Gänsefüßchen“. This can be explained by the fact that the two sisters were looking for a „store friend“. Thus they came across the cooperation with „Gänsefüßchen“. Gänsefüßchen focuses on high-quality paper design in the form of postcards and greeting cards.

This is certain: whoever finds a gift at Schwesternliebe, will always have something unique that was lovingly made.

Many thanks to Stephanie for the great insight into a store that enriches Regensburg.

Lilo – hats and accessoires from Regensburg

A hat salon in Stadtamhof with a feel-good flair

„I have been running my little store here in Regensburg since 2015 and it has now become my second home,“ store owner Lilo Kincaid proudly reports. She had previously worked as an independent milliner in Munich since 2002 before subsequently settling in the cathedral city. Lilo – Hats, Caps, Accessories is a small, cozy hat salon in Stadtamhof 9 in Regensburg. Inside the store, the milliner not only personally advises her clientele on the right headwear, she also sells her handmade creations herself with a lot of commitment and passion.

The store owner Lilo promotes her products with heart and soul.
Source: Lilo – Hüte, Mützen, Accessoires in Regensburg

Diversity instead of simplicity

„Headpieces, whether hats, caps or turbans, are back in vogue,“ Lilo enthuses. „But brides can also have their bridal veils and matching jewelry custom designed by me.“ Lilo’s small salon has quite a bit to offer. On the one hand, the trained milliner carries a wide range of different hat models, such as straw, felt or rain hats, but on the other hand, you can also find hats for every occasion in the milliner’s store. Lilo’s chemo hats represent a special feature in this category. „In 1988, I had a key experience with a young customer who was very unwell due to her cancer. That’s when I came up with the idea of chemo caps to make it easier for oncology patients to feel good again, even in spite of their illness.“ When making these chemo caps, it is particularly important to Lilo to use chemically untreated materials in order to provide her customers with a high level of wearing comfort „without scratching and itching“. In addition, the fashionista advertises scarves, shawls and headbands, as trendy accessories to round off any outfit. Lilo’s products vary between 25€ and 350€, depending on the model and size. For chemo caps, it is advisable to consult with your health insurance company in advance, as they often cover at least part of the costs. Lilo’s individually issued vouchers are a wonderful gift idea for loved ones. They can then either directly choose a headdress in Lilo’s hat salon, or have one made to measure according to their taste.

At Lilo’s there is something for every hat or cap lover.
Source: Lilo – Hüte, Mützen, Accessoires in Regensburg

The typical Lilo-Look

The shopkeeper attaches great importance to fairly traded and handmade products. „At my place, there is something for every head. With pleasure I meet the individual wishes of my customers and also make the products to measure. It can be colourful and unusual, the typical Lilo look,“ smiles the fashion designer. At Lilo’s, there are no limits to patterns, colours and shapes. When choosing her fabrics, Lilo enjoys being inspired by travels. „I often bring home a selection of exotic fabrics from my trips, which can be used to create wonderful new, unusual products for my customers.“

Dig in and let yourself be inspired

Lilo Kincaid’s love for all kinds of headwear is already noticeable from the outside. The store owner has lovingly decorated the store window with a wide selection of hats, caps and accessories. Upon entering the store, one already senses that colorful, bright and lively charm that also characterizes Lilo’s headwear. The multitude of hat models on display seems overwhelming and you first have to pause for a moment to let the many impressions of the store take effect on you. The unusual, colorful and partly exotic patterns of Lilo’s hat creations are also reflected in the interior of the salon. The fashionista skillfully combines rustic furniture with funky, colorful and extravagant elements in her store interior. Both the store owner herself and her store exude a congenial atmosphere that invites you to linger.

The small store in Stadtamhof is distinguished by a lot of attention to detail.Source: Lilo – Hüte, Mützen, Accessoires in Regensburg

Author: Lisa Vogel

Milk Regensburg

Large selection of international fairtrade fashion

Milk takes a clear stand against „fast fashion“ with its fair clothing. Many international and also regional companies, most of which produce organically, are represented here. Another treat for people who pay attention to where and how their clothes were produced are the fairtrade brands – about 90 percent of the items which are offered fall under this category. Thus, one can go shopping without feeling guilty. Your closet is certainly looking forward to one or the other fairly produced speciality.

Milk offers fashionable pieces from all around the world

The store in Regensburg’s old town originated from a Scandinavian franchise. After a concept change in 2015, the owners decided to get out and founded the store Milk according to their own ideas and visions. Since then, the owners are completely free to decide what they offer, from whom they source it and how they display it. As a result, you can always find micro-productions that are made directly by locals in Bolivia, for example, and the proceeds are returned almost one-to-one. Many of their brands come from England – which fits well with the retro-inspired styles on offer. Further inspiration and seasonal outfit suggestions can be regularly found on the social networks.

Vintage rarities and colourful clothes

In the cute store you will find a wide selection of beautiful colourful clothes which are draped between vintage rarities. From handmade hats to matching dresses and shoes – you will find everything you need for dressing from top to bottom. In the lovingly decorated store you can find something for everyone – whether it’s a gift for yourself or a souvenir of a special kind. For example, what about a beautiful brooch for your mother, a motif necklace for your best friend or boxer shorts with hearts for your sweetheart? As an alternative, if gifting underwear isn’t your thing, you could also end up with a gin from the region or a cocktail maker tool for gentleman from the „men’s corner“.

Author: Veronika Lehner

Hutkönig – the hatter next to the cathedral

A tradition of fancy headdresses

„With us, everyone gets a hat,“ says Robert Nuslan proudly. Because they know a thing or two about hats at the „Hat King. Together with his brother Andreas, he is already the fifth generation to run the store, next to Regensburg’s landmark, the cathedral. Andreas Nuslan is also the only master hatter and milliner in the world. „Unfortunately, this is a dying profession,“ says Robert Nuslan. In Germany, he says, there are only three master hatters left today: „One makes club hats for carnivals, the other for brass bands.“ At „Hutkönig“ (the king of hats), they make „hats primarily for the general public,“ Nuslan emphasizes. You take a bit of hot air, machines that don’t really exist anymore, a lot of handwork, 120g of natural hair, a wooden mold and a pinch of Regensburg, and you’re done! The felt blank then passes through the hands of the master about 80 times within the next three days. The main focus of the handwork is on durability, functionality and visual appearance. After all, a hat from Andreas Nuslan is made for eternity, they are waterproof and do not get out of shape even after years. So if you’re looking for a unique gift idea for eternity, you’ve come to the right place.

What once was a hat supplier for the royals is now a hat manufacturer that runs its own online store

For more than 140 years, everything has been revolving around hats in this family of craftsmen. Together with their 20 employees, the Nuslans have been running the store and hat factory for five generations. Since 1896, the hatters have also been a „Royal Bavarian Court Supplier“. In 1919, the so-called „Hutfassionieranstalt“ was founded in the Waaggäschen in Regensburg. In 1934, the manufactory and residence then moved to Metzer Straße, where they are still located today. The store moved via golden Bärenstraße and Malergasse to its current location at Krauterermarkt 1 until 1968. Since the 1990s, the hat manufactory has also been present on the internet. The whole family is still active in the business and workshop. The Nuslan brothers practically grew up in the store. While Andreas Nuslan took over his father’s craft, Robert Nuslan opted for a commercial apprenticeship. Daughter Bettina Nuslan also works as a hat and cap maker in the family business.

Here you will find prominent headdresses

Directly opposite to the beautiful Regensburg Cathedral you will find the hatter’s store. In addition to the hat manufactory, the hatters also maintain their own hat tailoring shop, thus combining three crafts in one house. Approximately 15,000 headpieces of all kinds for every season offer something for every customer. From the trilby and porkpie shapes, to the perennial favorites in the style of Humphrey Bogart and Indian Jones, to the famous Playboy hat, no wish is left unfulfilled. The hatter at the cathedral has kept all kinds of celebrities as well as over 600 clubs in the in-house file. Some famous customers are for instance the Thai king, princess Gloria von Thurn and Taxis and actor Jan Josef Liefers as well as Pope Benedikt the XVI. Besides, politicians such as Franz Josef Strauß, Edmund Stoiber and Horst Seehofer trust in the hatters craftsmanship, making the hatter a „royal supplier“ even today. The hat manufacturer has made a name for himself far beyond the borders of Regensburg, even as far as Hollywood. For example, the „Hatter“ from the Disney film „Alice in Wonderland“, embodied by none other than Johnny Depp, wears an original made by Andreas Nuslan. A copy of it can be admired in store itself.

In addition to custom-made hats, which start at €98, and handmade models (starting at €49), you can also find lower-priced industrial hats in the store, as well as hats from brand-name manufacturers. However, most customers that start with a cheaper entry-level model soon come back to have a handmade or even custom-made hat made for thm, explains Robert Nuslan.


Regional handicraft from the glass and ceramic manufactory Hantwerck

We are very pleased to introduce you to a new old workshop store on the western edge of the old town. Until its fifth anniversary in March 2017, it was still known as „Ton Steine Späne.“


is a store for regional handicrafts, glass and ceramic manufactory as well as course room for pottery and glass fusing courses.
It was founded by Alexa Voigtlaender, a journeywoman ceramist, Peter Voigtlaender, a journeyman stonemason, and Ulla Niedermeier, a skilled glass and porcelain painter. Regionality and craftsmanship are so important to them that, without further ado, they actively collaborated in the renovation of the rooms. Peter, for example, laid the floor from local Jura limestone. Alexa and Ulla work directly at [hantwerck].

The trained ceramist turns all vessels made of porcelain and stoneware clay on the potter’s wheel. In the process, timeless, elegant one-of-a-kind pieces as well as colorful favorites are created. Ulla’s pieces are created by fusing different glass plates- granules- threads and powders. In further firings the plates are lowered into suitable forms and gilded. Both partners work independently with their familiar materials, but also design joint multifunctional tableware collections according to the motto „mix & match“.

Flexible courses on creative craftsmanship

The two craftswomen are happy to pass on their knowledge in regular, individual courses. There are neither fixed dates nor contents. They want to be as flexible as possible in their creative work with the participants.

A large part of the work, as well as most of the workshops, takes place at the rustic oak table, from master carpenter Stefan Schedlbauer, in the middle of the store. His solid wood furniture, as well as Peter’s stone objects, expand the store’s assortment. Together, the four form a material collective with many opportunities for collaboration, which is always made of 100% craftsmanship from Regensburg.

Ein ganz aktuelles Beispiel dafür sind ihre „Lumycases“. Dabei handelt es sich um Leuchtobjekte, die aus Edelholzkoffern mit austauschbaren, lichtdurchlässigen Frontplatten aus Glas, Stein und Porzellanton bestehen. Neben der umfangreichen Produktpalette fertigt das [hatwerck]-Team auch gerne spezielle Auftragsarbeiten an.

The #yourlocalgirlboss collective is promoting regional businesses.

And because a lot of fun is part of the hard workday, the girls from [hantwerck] have teamed up with the founders of „HEAVENS TASTE“ and „KEKSZauber“ to form the #yourlocalgirlboss collective. Together, they want to spotlight regional women entrepreneurs and their products at recurring events. The next event is already being planned and we are looking forward to seeing which female founders will be presented to us this time.

If you would like to know more about [hantwerck] or #yourlocalgirlboss, you can do so offline at Weißgerbergraben 9 or online at and


Exclusive lifestyle items that make perfect last minute gifts

The gift store Gumprecht in the middle of Regensburg’s city center is the perfect place to go when it’s time to say: „Oh my God, where am I supposed to find a nice gift now?”.

The modern gift store is divided into two sales areas. On a shopping area of about 180 square meters, visitors will find all kinds of lifestyle items, beautiful individual home accessories and kitchen utensils, fun game ideas, numerous stationery items, as well as paper and office supplies. The assortment also includes unusual gift items such as bicycle-shaped pizza cutters, funny pineapple-shaped erasers, and colorful wish-granting bags. Gumprecht carries ecologically valuable products such as bags from Firewear or Zirkeltraining, as well as high-quality articles from the Mont Blanc and Faber Castel brands. Every article and every label is handpicked by the owner Christian Plotzki.

Welcome to Gumprecht

Uncomplicated and the highest service quality

At Gumprecht, you can truly feel the attention to detail. With pleasant background music and lighting, customers can take all the time in the world to browse comfortably without any pressure to buy. Christian Plotzki and his friendly team really do put their customers first. For example, the store guarantees every guest a 100 percent exchange guarantee without annoying discussions. To convince themselves of the quality of service, the store also offers its customers the opportunity to compare prices on the Internet using an iPad on site.

The slight „panic“ of being empty-handed in front of the recipient is therefore reduced to zero. In any case, after a visit to Gumprecht you will have the feeling that you will always know where to find a suitable gift in the future. That’s a promise!

Christian Plotzki’s childhood dream

With the opening of the Gumprecht gift store, a real childhood dream has come true for Christian Plotzki. He still fondly remembers the time when a former schoolmate drew him a picture showing her shopping in his store. That’s how the trained retail salesman mustered all his entrepreneurial courage and, together with a friend, opened “Geschenkeladen mit Herz” (retail store with a heart) in Regensburg in April 2011.

Centrally located gift store with historic charm

The location of the lovingly run store is phenomenal. Right in the center of the old town and only a few meters away from the historic town hall, the two stores are located on the first floor of Gumprecht’s house. The listed building was built around the turn of the millennium and the associated chapel was consecrated by Pope Leo IX in 1052. The chapel was located in a swing arch connecting the town hall with the Gumprecht’s house. The two entrances face the street and are hard to miss thanks to postcard stands.

Füllgut – the shop full of reusables

Best food quality which is exclusively unpacked!

You value regional and sustainably produced organic products? You no longer want to support the vast amounts of packaging and food waste by shopping in conventional supermarkets and drugstores?

Then Füllgut, the first and so far only unpackaged store in Regensburg, is just the thing for you. Füllgut is a lovingly decorated retail store in Regensburg’s old town, where you can buy everything from cleaning products to cosmetics and a wide range of food. For the very cordial and passionate store owner Jasmin Simmel, the regional reference, and the sustainable production of the products as well as the careful handling of nature have top priority. Thus, customers can fill the containers and bags they have brought with them in any quantity after noting the empty weight of the containers. Whether it’s delicious organic products, fresh vegetables, or environmentally friendly, skin-friendly shampoo – everything goes into your own containers. After weighing again, the price will be determined at the checkout.

Jasmin Simmel’s crowdfunding campaign to keep the shop running

Jasmin Simmel’s interest in homemade cosmetics and cleaning products has always been strong, so she tried out a wide variety of recipes over the past few years and then passed on the knowledge she had acquired in workshops. When Füllgut, located in Obere Bachgasse, was in danger of closing, she put out a call for crowdfunding in Regensburg to keep the store, which was launched in 2016. The result was clear: The Regensburg locals wanted the store to continue. As a result, Jasmin Simmel discarded her idea of her own sustainable café and took over Füllgut in the spring of 2018.

Today, she is certain: „This is the most exciting year of my life!“. In the meantime, she fulfills special product requests of her clientele with a lot of dedication and offers various workshops for the independent production of care and cleaning products as well as sugar-free nutrition. The workshops offered are posted on the Filling Good’s Facebook page. A large, consistent assortment, which at the same time allows the choice between different types of pasta or muesli, is offered at Füllgut. Jasmin Simmel is particularly enthusiastic about delicious vegetable tofu and quinoa produced in Bavaria. In the future, she is planning on opening another unpackaged store in her hometown of Straubing.

Zero Waste gifts, without packaging of course!

Become part of the Zero Waste Movement and convince your friends and family with store vouchers, vouchers for versatile sustainability workshops or with little treats made from the filling material. Whether it’s homemade crunchy granola, a rich winter face cream made from almond oil and beeswax, or a stylish coffee mug made from coffee grounds, there’s something for everyone. The store vouchers are issued in any amount, while the vouchers for the workshops and the ingredients needed for them cost 30€ (as of December 2018).

Stop by, get inspired by the diverse range of products and do something good for the environment by the way!


Regional creativity and sustainable products

The beautiful store which is located directly at the Stone Bridge offers a sales area for creative and special things mainly from regional traders. Various businesses can rent a shelf in the form of a wine box. For example, smaller, hidden stores or those that don’t even have their own sales space have the opportunity to market their wonderful ideas. Most of what visitors discover here comes from Regensburg or at least from Bavaria. The assortment is very broad and one really enjoys browsing here. In the assortment you can find, for example, homemade jewelry, lovingly packaged honey, ceramics or even children’s bloomers in the form of leather pants. Care product for the stylish-hipster beard wearer show that a visit is worthwhile for everyone. We were also impressed by the Gipfelstürmer collection with great drinking bottles or travel diaries, postcards and even notebooks that are still printed by hand on an old Boston platen press (1936). One thing is clear: everyone will find something great here!

Among other things, you will find the following brands in the store and in the online store:

Basilius Coffee, Heavens Taste, Eisvogel Gin, Mut Gin, Wurstkuchl, Munich Munch, Rettergut, Knödelkult, Die Stadtgärtner, Roadtyping, Puremetics, Walhalla Lamm, Seifendealer, Johnny Urban, Got Bag, Woidmädchen, Femme de Marin.

From retailer to patchwork company

It all started when Marion, the founder, always liked to crochet and knit herself. A few years ago, she took over the store „Traumland“ in Regensburg, where she mainly sold baby and children’s fashion. With her own sewing machine, she always liked to design herself. But to open a second store, which she had always wanted anyway, the assortment was not large enough yet. Hence, it was the perfect option for her to include different retailers in her concept and still realize her own ideas. We especially liked the implementation of the wine boxes. This allows a clear demarcation between the dealers and is also an absolute visual highlight in the cute store.

Individual products from the creative workshop

The store also has a creative workshop where Marion sews and uses her embroidery machine to create her own individual cell phone cases, laptop sleeves or even key chains. She uses high-quality wool felt. You can drop by spontaneously and discuss your ideas or wishes with Marion. If the time is right, you can pick up your individual cell phone case after a few hours. Nice gift ideas, huh?

Creative workshops are also offered from time to time. Marion publishes the current offer as well as dates for the workshops on her Facebook page.


Where man may be child again

Gift ideas in the heart of the old town

At Ulrich Böhm’s toy store, everything revolves around the most beloved objects of one’s childhood, and some of them can still be found in Regensburg’s children’s rooms today: From modern play figures and children’s books to classics like spinning tops or board games. However, one thing in particular is close to Ulrich Böhm’s heart: „Wood itself and wooden toys have simply fascinated me ever since I was little“. These are also to be discovered everywhere in the shop. Particularly beautiful are the wooden letters, which can be used to make any name.

Ulrich Böhm never fails to delight his customers with his toys. Image: Ulrich Böhm

Unique souvenirs from the cathedral city

In addition to toys, you can also find creative souvenirs such as the Regensburger Guckkasterl in this cozy little store. This is a small cardboard box in which various Regensburg sights are hidden with loving details made of cardboard. This unusual gift is already available from 5.90 euros. As a unique souvenir, Menschenskinder also offers the T-Light, a tea light umbrella with Regensburg landmarks. The owner particularly likes the fact that it fits into an envelope and is thus perfect for mailing. For only 6.90 euros, it is therefore an exceptional gift for distant friends and relatives. He sells his products with dedication, some of which come from all over Germany, like the creative enamel cups, or even directly from Regensburg, like the lovingly hand-printed postcards. Putting a smile on people’s faces and bringing back one or two memories of childhood is what Ulrich Böhm is all about.

The Regensburger Guckkasterl is a unique souvenir.
Image: Ulrich Böhm

Enthusiasm for wooden furniture and toys

It all began 20 years ago, when Ulrich Böhm helped a friend who furnished kindergartens. There he rediscovered his enthusiasm for wooden furniture and toys. As the saying goes, „You should always keep a little child in you,“ says Ulrich Böhm with a smile. The fascination for wood, which had already captivated the founder in his student days and has ever since not let him go. Hence, Andrea Zrenner he got the idea of opening their own store. Since 2000, you can now browse the shelves of „Menschenskinder“, even though the co-founder unfortunately had to quit due to time constraints. Since then, Ulrich Böhm has passionately continued to run the store at Kohlenmarkt in the middle of the old town and always welcomes every customer with a smile, making you feel at home immediately.

A journey back to childhood

Lovingly filled postcard racks and an invitingly decorated shop window tempt you to enter and browse the store as soon as you enter the small alley at Kohlenmarkt. Once inside the small but tastefully decorated shop, you automatically travel back to childhood. There is always something new to discover: you will find beautiful board games as well as unusual postcards. The centerpiece is a small table in the middle alongside Uli Böhm’s favorite toys: spinning tops. Whether large or small, made of wood or plastic, even spinning tops that can turn upside down. Everyone will find their favorite, starting at just 4.90 euros. Anyone who wants to make a child happy, surprise themselves or a friend with a nice gift, or simply look for a nice souvenir from Regensburg will find something on the numerous shelves and stands.

Learn more about Menschenskinder:




Owner: Ulrich Böhm

Kohlenmarkt 1

Cornering Untere Bachgasse

93047 Regensburg

Tel. 0941/59058

Opening hours:

Mon-Sat: 10-18 h

Closed on Sundays

Author: Helena Schlosser, OTH Regensburg