Stadtmaus Regensburg

Experience Regensburg’s history!

Experiencing Regensburg’s history from the perspective of a criminal, a fowler, an executioner, or a harlot? With guided tours by the Stadtmaus Regensburg, you embark on the paths of Regensburg’s history and get an insight from the most exciting angles. With a little question and answer game we let Mr. Ruhfaß, the managing director and co-founder of Stadtmaus Regensburg, complete our sentences.

If I had to describe the Stadtmaus in 3 words, they would be …?

… We. love. History.

For me it is particularly important that visitors …?

… that they go home with a smile.

Conventional city tour vs. city mouse: The city mouse makes …?

Get to know Regensburg’s history from a variety of angles. Image rights: Florian Hammerich

… it makes history an experience. Above all, it’s the real-life approach that counts for us. We don’t want to „mow down“ visitors with facts and figures, but rather provide them with emotional access. This includes taking up everyday-processes and needs that have accompanied people through the centuries, for example: What did children have for breakfast in the 16th century? We want to meet people where they are. To make history tangible without being platitudinous.

Stadtmaus has been around for over 21 years and the competition never sleeps – in order to stay up-to-date we …?

move forward and do not look back, because the best is still ahead of us. We are always trying to develop further, for example: to what extent can we integrate the cell phone into guided tours and take up on digitalisation? We also do guided tours at Continental in the factory or in the new Museum of Bavarian History …. – we are open in all directions and the competition never sleeps anyway. We have been copied a lot, but as they always say: Copying is the highest form of recognition!

For staying innovative and successful, I draw inspiration from …?

… my team, the people here at our company. With a range of 18-68 years, there is everything you need and innovative ideas stroll in regularly. We are all incredibly curious. Input from people and the world around me is the best inspiration. A lot of times it starts with the craziest ideas and those are the ones that work successfully.

What’s the most bizarre order request you’ve ever received?

(Laughs and then gets serious) I can’t tell you. We’ve done some really crazy stuff and I don’t know if people really want to read this.

A voucher for the Regensburg Stadtmaus is …?

… priceless! A wonderful gift.

If I had to convince a sceptical person of a tour guided by the Regensburg Stadtmaus, I would say…?

… many would say „Oh God, there’s drama involved! That’s totally stupid! That’s just a copy of history.“ But that’s not the case. At Stadtmaus, people perform and we always take our cues from historical inspirations that tell stories from their lives. It’s not boring and it’s well-researched. It’s about experiencing the city. What I mean by that is: I can have a coffee on my own, but in the 1.5 hours that I am on the guided tour, I can experience the city from a completely different point of view. I promise you, if you go along, you will see the city with completely different eyes and it will get you hooked so you will want to have more of it!

Mr. Ruhfaß, thank you very much for the exciting interview!


Author: Anna Grundner

Trekkingladen Regensburg

Functional outdoor products and professional advice

„We have everything you need. What you don’t need, we don’t have“ – according to Harry Gröger, these words best describe the assortment of TrekkingLaden in Regensburg. As the name suggests, you can find everything on the subject of „outdoor sports“ on an area of 40m². TrekkingLaden offers equipment suitable for the „mushroom seeker to the 3-week tourer“ and includes backpacks, hiking boots, stoves of all kinds, sleeping bags, compasses, knives and much more. It is particularly important to the owner, Harry Gröger, that especially in the age of online retailers and sports outlets the clientele benefits from expert advice without previously having compared „100 opinions on the Internet“. Especially today, in an abundance of offers his customers also appreciate this service. In addition, he himself is an enthusiastic sportsman and shares his passion for sports with his customers. Thus, only products that he has tested himself, he would use himself and he can recommend out of his own conviction and love can be found in his store.

Many years of experience in the outdoor industry

TrekkingLaden has already existed for over 30 years in Regensburg and was the first store of its kind in the entire region. Over the last 10 to 15 years, due to the increasing boom of the outdoor industry, more and more stores settled in the Regensburg area. Harry Gröger took over the TrekkingLaden from its previous owner two years ago. Before that, he gained experience as the manager of larger stores in the outdoor sector and had always been active in the sports industry. Today, he says he has turned his hobby into his profession because customer proximity and specific advice are very important to him. The exchange with like-minded people and sports fans also delights him and makes him open his store every morning with a smile.

Innovative products for trekking enthusiasts

He is particularly proud of the self-discovered and unusual products in the range, such as the hand-forged Swedish trekking axe. Handmade in Sweden, the axe has a handle made of Canadian hickory and a blade made of genuine Swedish steel – a gem for outdoor enthusiasts. Basically, Harry Gröger strives for an assortment for guests who already have everything and are eagerly looking for innovative products. The assortment impresses with unique articles and one-of-a-kind items. The latest addition is a fire kettle with an integrated thermos flask. This allows water to be boiled directly in the fireplace. There are also very practical gift ideas, such as anti-blister socks. Even if the idea of giving socks as a gift is rather „unsexy“, this pair of socks is an absolute hit and enriches the tour of every trekker.


Author: Anna Grundner

W1 – center for young culture

The W1 with its culture café has existed in this form since 2009 and belongs to the city of Regensburg as an institution of the Office for Municipal Youth Work. It is located near Haidplatz behind the Thon-Dittmer-Palais at Weingasse 1 (from which the name W1 is derived).

This center for young culture offers events, projects and workshops in the fields of theater, dance, visual arts, handmade, film and photography, language arts (e.g. U20 poetry slams, reading evenings and stages), exhibitions and music. Appropriate premises, equipment and materials are available for this purpose.

The W1 Café, more than just a meeting place for Regensburg residents. Photo: City of Regensburg

Three full-time staff members and, if necessary, an intern as well as a volunteer are responsible for the café’s administration, support, and advice. The offer of the W1 is aimed at young people and young adults, but also at all those who are interested in young culture or would like to contribute to it.

The Culture Café

The Kulturcafé on the first floor of the W1 is the central meeting point as well as the event space for regular concerts, readings, theatre performances, poetry slams, handmade workshops and, of course, the popular open stage format „Home is where the Art is“. It allows visitors to learn, experience, create and network culture.

Culture can be learnt and created, for example, at the handmade workshops on DIY, upcycling and sustainability that take place at Kulturcafé. Visitors can experience culture at reading stages, concerts and at „Home is where the Art is“. Kulturcafé is the hub of the house and invites you to network, to exchange your ideas, to be inspired or to linger. On site, you will find literature as well as inexpensive drinks and snacks.

Participation fees and beverage prices

The entrance and participation fees for events are designed in such a way that they can be easily afforded by teenagers and young adults. For example, a ticket for a specially organised concert or a U20 poetry slam costs three to five euros. Usually, tickets can only be purchased at the box office, but in exceptional cases, reservations are also possible. A concert ticket as part of a personal voucher would be an ideal gift idea here.

Viele Veranstaltungen, wie „Home is where the Art is“ oder die Handmade Workshops sind kostenfrei und bedürfen keiner Anmeldung.

The unique, delicious Red Riding Hood Feta Toast. Photo: City of Regensburg

The prices for drinks are also affordable. For example, a cappuccino is €1.20 and various sodas no more than €1.50. In addition, there are also non-alcoholic beer, beer, wine, and other hot drinks. Often you can look forward to the „funky toasts“, such as the „Little Red Riding Hood and the Feta“ or „Goat Peter“ toast for 1.50 €.

Opening hours

The Culture Café is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5 to 10 pm and on Fridays from 5 to 8 pm. However, it should be noted that it is closed on holidays and event days, or the opening hours change accordingly during events. Thus, before trying to go for a coffee, you better have a look at the events calendar on the website or on Facebook.

Here are some selected examples from the areas of concerts and language arts:


One of the many offers of W1 are concerts. You can experience bands from the alternative scene in particular, such as indie, singersongwriter, alternative or indietronic. Most of the times, national or international artists perform alongside young regional support bands.

Below is a list of bands that have performed at W1 once or several times:

Regional guests: Telquist, Stray, Looking for Alaska, Redhead Gang….

International guests: Scott Matthew, Lasse Matthiessen, Jordan Klassen, Fenster,…

German guests: Lilly among clouds, Sir Simon, Pelzig, Aloa Input, Kitty Solaris, Saroos…

Language arts

A wide variety of events and offerings also take place in language arts. For example, the U20 Poetry Slam has been held at W1 for years and attracts language artists of a special kind to the stage time and again. Once a month there is also a poetry slam regulars‘ table, where both inexperienced and experienced poetry slammers can meet and exchange ideas in a cozy atmosphere – not bad for those who need a little dress rehearsal for the next performance.

Furthermore, there are reading stages and reading evenings where authors present their works or visitors can read out their self-penned texts.



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Author: Fatima Daher, OTH-Regensburg


– where nature and fun harmonise!

Enjoying the calmness around you. Being in nature. Simply switching off. That’s exactly what many locals, plagued by everyday stress, wish for. Especially in the summer, when the sun shines down on your face. At this time of the year, there is a lot to do in Regensburg. One festival follows the next. But what about real relaxation?  In nature? SUP-PORT-Regensburg is the right destination. The stand-up paddleboards promise fun for the whole family all year round. The perfect gift idea for all outdoor fans in Regensburg. Of course, we had a few questions, which Sabine Neumeier, Managing Director of SUP-PORT-REGENSBURG, was happy to answer.

Idyllically located: in the beautiful district of Großprüfening, you can find SUP-PORT directly on the Danube riverside. Image rights: SUP-PORT Regensburg

How would you explain “SUP-PORT”?

It is called SUP-PORT, as „SUP“ stands for „Stand Up Paddling“ and „Port“ stands for harbor. Hence, SUP-PORT-REGENSBURG is our own creation.

What are the three words to describe SUP-PORT?

I would first of all say familiar. After all, we are not a big company. We rent our SUP’s, do everything together and want families to have fun together. The next word is uncomplicated. We operate SUP-PORT from home, which means you can call and pick up your SUP shortly after. We don’t have holidays or Sundays, so it’s very quick and easy. We are always there for our customers, from Monday to Sunday – until the sun goes down. The third word stands for everyone. Our standard boards are really suitable for everyone. That means you don’t have to be particularly sporty either.  For families we have our bigger boards and for speed fanatics we also have touring boards up our sleeve. Hence, as I said: family, uncomplicated and for everyone.

Besides the rental, what do you offer your customers?

Currently we are offering yoga courses. Up to eight participants can do yoga on the special boards and dock on an island. The island then looks like a star with the yoga teacher in the middle. The course combines the enjoyment of water and yoga.

And for group tours and team events, you can rent the SUPs with appropriate transportation or the yoga island including boards and teacher.

Are there age restrictions for the boards?

No, there are basically none.

Thus, the whole family can join in. If I want to start paddling right away, what do I have to do?

You will have to come to us in Großprüfening. We run a garage store from our home. From there we rent out the Stand Up Paddleboards. Thereby we are only about 300 to 400 meters away from the Danube. From there you can take the inflated SUP, equipped with a practical rolling aid, to the Danube, get on and paddle. Of course, it is most beautiful on the Naab, where there is no boat traffic, waves or jet skis that could possibly interfere. But everyone can do it the way the want.

A nice birthday present. And also a nice gift idea from Regensburg. Can you celebrate events at SUP-PORT?

That is no problem. Whether it’s a bachelor party, a company event, or a birthday party, anything is possible. At the moment, we already have requests for company outings where yoga is to be done together. We also have MEGA-XXL-SUP’s. On these, up to eight employees can enjoy themselves. 

What is especially important to you with regard to your costumers?

That they are well informed by us in advance. That means, everyone who wants to, gets a short briefing on the spot. We also always have an inflated SUP there to demonstrate how to go into the water with the board. Our goal is to make the customers feel safe. But it’s also important to us that people can call at short notice. If someone asks, „Wow, it’s such a nice afternoon today, and a Sunday, too. Where can I get a board now?“ then they simply call us and come by shortly afterwards. This spontaneity is very important to us. And, of course, that everyone takes home a nice memory afterwards. Just as we can always report on great experiences.

Why should customers buy a voucher right here? What is SUP-Port’s special advantage?

SUP-Port’s special advantage is that here on the Danube, colloquially speaking, you don’t paddle in circles, as is the case on a lake. You can make tours here, for example from Bad Abbach to Großprüfening. During the break you can stop at the Walba and have a wonderful day trip. You can also cross over to the Naab. In addition, we are very close to the city. I personally see that as a big advantage, because you can come by on your bike in the evening after work and get a board. Then it’s off to the Danube for a bit of relaxation. Thus, the advantage of SUP-PORT for us is clearly its location.

Awesome! Last question. What was you most bizarre and what was your most beautiful experience so far?

I have to be honest, I haven’t really had a bizarre experience yet. We have a couple friends who have dogs, they borrowed our family board some time ago. Then during the day, we suddenly got a photo with them and their dog on the board.

Isn’t that bad for the board?

For the board it is not an issue at all. And for the dog either. He felt very comfortable and let himself be paddled on the Naab. If someone wants to take their dog with them, that’s not a problem for us. And the dogs, if they are not exactly afraid of the water, also have their fun. And the best experience so far was actually a family tour. We drove the boards to Bad Abbach, inflated them there and then took a leisurely walk along the Danube towards Walba. There we had a good lunch, relaxed, rested and then did the second part of the tour. On such a tour, when you are on the road for three to four hours while having nature around you, you can totally switch off. It’s just pure idyll and a lot of fun. And at the same time, you have the sporting challenge because your board won’t move on its own.

Great! Tthank you for the nice and informative interview, Mrs. Neumeier!

With pleasure. Thank you!

Find out more about SUP-PORT-REGENSBURG here:


Sabine Neumeier
Großprüfening 38
93049 Regensburg

Phone: +49 178 / 68 19 136

A competent contact person – Sabine Neumeier from SUP-PORT Regensburg

Author: Rebekka Eichenseher

Peacehand – second hand fashion

Awareness for responsibility concerning fashion is the essence of Peacehand

Since June 2017 there is the lovingly furnished second-hand store of Nicole Heiß. At Peacehand, clothes that are no longer worn get a second chance to make other wearers happy – contrary to the trend of „fast fashion“. The focus lies on casual everyday clothing for young adults. Through the constantly changing assortment of clothing, shoes and accessories, the store offers a wonderful alternative to large fashion chains.

Nicole values contributing to a sustainable world of fashion

The business idea came about because Nicole has personally been dealing with the topic of sustainability and fashion awareness for a long time. Acting responsibly, creating a value-oriented awareness for nature – these are her heartfelt issues. After studying at the University of Regensburg, she first worked in refugee aid. Now her life motto has become her profession: „Be the change you want to see in this world.“ Her desire is to create incentives for her customers to consume fashion consciously.

The boutique invites customers to stroll fairly

The boutique is located very centrally in the beautiful old town of Regensburg not far from the cathedral (Unter den Schwibbögen) and offers, in addition to clothing, products such as SoulBottles, CoffeeCups or the finest organic chocolate. These are of course great gift ideas or souvenirs!

The cozy couch corner in the middle of the store invites you to lounge around. If you want to, you can get inspired by Nicole’s selected literature on the subject of sustainability while enjoying a hot coffee.

And please don’t forget: Clothing donations are always welcome!

For more info, visit Nicole’s website.

Ceramic painting workshop “La Fabrique”

Marianne Mion owns the ceramic painting workshop „LA FABRIQUE“ in the west of Regensburg. Her services guarantee a unique gift.

What is it that you offer at La Fabrique?

As a start, I give my guests a brief verbal instruction or introduction to various ceramic painting techniques. After they have painted their chosen raw ceramic objects to their liking, the vessels are ready to be picked up within a week, glazed and fired by me. In addition, I also offer commissioned work.

The friendly manager Marianne Mion is always available to answer questions. In addition, delicious teas are offered at the counter.

How did you get into this profession or how did the idea come about?

Art is as important to me as air and water. I love visiting exhibitions and I worked as a sculptor for a few years, among other things. The business concept comes from America and can be found in almost every city there. It has also spread to some cities in Europe. In Munich I discovered such a store for the first time and I liked it very much. Before opening my workshop in Regensburg, I consulted a ceramist to acquire the techniques and some basic knowledge.

What is special about your store?

The customer is first and foremost my guest. It is generally important to me to create a family atmosphere. The KeramikMalWerkstatt should be an open living room, so to speak, and people should feel at home. Direct contact with the guest is very important to me. That’s why I have some regular guests and I’m always happy to see them.

How did the name “La Fabrique” come about?

I am French and the way things are handled in my store is also very French. „La Fabrique“ is a very positive word for me. It speaks of craftsmanship, workers and everything that is fabricated. I thought „La Fabrique“ is great because Germans have no problem with this word. The name is clear and needs no explanation.

What is your main clientele?

Most of the people who come to my store are women, but now they are increasingly accompanied by men. Children and young people also like to come to the store. The range of products is designed to appeal to all generations.

Groups of friends like to enjoy their after-work evenings at la Fabrique and group bookings are also common. In addition to birthday parties and family events, the KeramikMalWerkstatt is ideal for company or school outings. In addition, bachelorette parties are on the rise.

What materials are available on site?

There is a wide range of raw ceramic objects. Most often, cups are chosen for the painting works. But tiles, plates, jugs, vases, and many other objects are also available. In addition, I provide my guests with non-toxic paints as well as brushes, stamps and more for their use. Pretty aprons are also provided.

How much time should one allow when visiting the ceramic painting workshop?

At least three hours for the first time. If people feel they need some time off and relaxation, they should be able to drop in spontaneously. That’s why I have regular opening hours, during which people can also visit the workshop without a reservation.

Marianne, thank you very much for the interview – all the best!

Author: Felina Unterreiner

Atelier Shanidze

where dreams become reality with the help of fabrics

Being in a tailor’s shop is like being in a hair salon – here, your life is about to be turned upside down. „A lot of things happen here,“ says Cathy Shanidze, giving her mother Dali a meaningful look. „My mother is like a dating doctor and has already helped many couples meet that are now engaged or married.“

What is it about?

Fashion designer Cathy Shanidze amid her collection of dresses, coats, jackets and tops, which she designed herself

It’s an artist’s place, you can tell at first glance. The shop is colourful and full of clothes and fabrics; paintings and drawings alternate on the walls. Amid several dressing dolls there are large mirrors. „Familiar, reliable and crazy,“ states Cathy when asked how she would describe her store. When you enter Atelier Shanidze, it feels like you’re stepping into another world, like the Mad Hatter – a world full of fine fabrics, elegant dresses, fancy coats – a world full of creativity and fashion.

Fashion is so much more than just the fabric that is covering our skin. Fashion influences our perception of people. Fashion influences our sense of well-being and the way we behave. That’s why the owner and fashion designer Cathy Shanidze from Regensburg puts the well-being of her customers first: „The most important thing for me is that my customers are satisfied and see themselves as they had previously imagined and as they want to see themselves. They should feel comfortable within their skin.“

How the idea came about:

Whether it’s a coat, a dress, a jacket, cuddly toys, handbags, napkins, wedding decorations, blankets or tea towels – at Atelier Shanidze everything is made according to the customer’s wishes.

As a family-run business, Cathy joined her mother’s tailoring business and turned the alteration tailor shop into an atelier in the alleys of the cathedral city. But what is actually behind Atelier Shanidze at Obermünstertraße 21? „I called it an atelier because so much more is created here than in an ordinary store. It’s my creative space,“ creative mind and fashion designer Cathy reveals to us.

During her studies to become a fashion designer, she was on the road in Georgia, Berlin, Petersburg, and Munich and came back to Regensburg a few years ago. During this time, she participated in Fashion Weeks, tailored evening gowns for the Vienna Ball and held sewing workshops alongside her mother. She also recently had an assignment for the Regensburg Theater, making the dress for the lead role of Morticia in the Addams Family.

The store:

With so many fabrics accumulating in the store, she also got the idea to include upcycling in her portfolio. „We get so many fabrics and clothes from other stores and individuals that are still very high quality and would be much too good to throw away,“ she explains.

So why not make an extraordinary gift?

„You can simply choose a fabric and decide what should be sewn from it. In addition to clothing, we have already made cuddly toys, handbags, napkins, wedding decorations, blankets, or tea towels at the request of customers,“ says the charming designer. Of course, you can also give a gift certificate for a custom-made garment. In terms of gift ideas, customers will find an extraordinary range of creativity and individualism. Depending on the fabric selected and the customer’s wishes, Cathy creates offers that are as individual as the customer’s ideas. The price for a hand-sewn jute bag is about 20,- €, a t-shirt is 70,- € and custom-made dresses start at a price of 200,- €. (Author’s note: as of 12/10/2019 – subject to change).

And maybe one or the other will meet their future dream partner during their next visit to the atelier. „People like to linger a little longer in our store. This often leads to interesting conversations and connections with new people,“ explains Dali. Henceforth, when browsing for the next gift idea, customers can look forward to a unique experience.

Familiar, reliable and crazy – that’s Atelier Shanidze, a family-run business in Regensburg, where mother Dali Shanidze and daughter Cathy Shanidze run a studio with a made-to-measure and alteration tailor shop.

Author: Jennifer Hermann

Ashtanga Yoga Community Regensburg

It’s time to roll out the yoga mat and discover the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, which inspires yoga practitioners all around the world. For many people, the combinations of physical and mental exercises is a perfect balance. The Ashtanga Yoga Community Regensburg can help strengthening your body and mind.

A Yoga community that emphasises wellness

Nikolas Michos is a certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher and founded the Ashtanaga Yoga Regensburg Community in 2016, which has since developed into an active community of practitioners. For the community, it is important to build a warm and special connection to the practitioners, in order to be able to respond to individual needs. The teachers of the Ashtanaga Yoga Regensburg community all practice in their own unique way and offer individually designed practices of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

Ashtanga Yoga is a mirror for one’s own soul

Nine years ago, Madga came into contact with yoga during a trip through Argentina. During her trip, she was having back pains and was advised to treat it with yoga exercises. Perhaps it was love at first sight, because from that point on she became increasingly involved in various yoga practices and shortly thereafter discovered her passion for Ashtanga Yoga.

Nowadays, she is sharing her great enthusiasm for yoga with her course participants in Regensburg, enabling them to activate their bodies during the yoga practice and to learn the tradition at their own personal pace. For her, it is important that every student appreciates their own individuality. Madga offers Mysore-style yoga, Ashtanga Basics and beginner’s classes, as well as private lessons and in-depth workshops. In addition, she also offers Thai massages.

Team members of the Ashtanga Community Regensburg – Mischi Kraus, Nikolas Michos and Magda Beslmeisl Photo: Magda Beslmeisl

The courses offered by the Ashtanga Community

The diverse range of courses offered by the Ashtanaga Yoga Regensburg Community invites you to try out a wide variety of courses and find the right class for your individual needs. From beginner courses to advanced classes in small groups for Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore style and mediation classes, everything is possible. Every other day you can participate in a different class. The weekly class schedule can be found on the Ashtanaga Yoga Community website or on their Instagram @ashtangayogaregensburg.

It is recommended to check the community website in advance to see what the requirement for attending a class are. Due to the limited number of mats, registration for classes is required. All important information can be found directly on the homepage. There is the possibility of buying a 10-card or of booking a drop-in lesson. The prices for a yoga class are the same for all teachers.

The practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is one of the most popular forms of yoga in the world, as regular practice strengthens both mental and physical power. The physical endurance which is brought has a cleansing effect on your organs. Ashtanga Yoga is an ancient tradition that translates into „the eight limbs of Yoga“. The tradition integrates, in addition to certain sequences of movement, among other things, breathing techniques, meditation, the study of scriptures and a system of values and norms. The challenge is to establish and maintain a state of balance between one’s body and mind. This style of yoga is suitable not only for young and fit people – but for all of those who are interested in joining in.

It is important to the teachers of the Ashtanga community to take into account the physical constitution of each individual and to teach adapted forms of exercising. Thus, a variety of exercises can be used in a therapeutical and healing manner.

The focus of Ashtanga yoga training: individual needs and goals

The Ashtanga Yoga community attaches great importance to making sure that the practitioners feel comfortable all around. You don’t have to look good in yoga pants, you don’t even have to wear yoga leisure at all. It is mainly about the practitioner – as a human being alongside its body, mind and soul. The Ashtanga tradition allows each practitioner to build an individual practice through its set sequences. In accordance with the Mysore style, each person can practice for themselves without being alone. A personal rhythm can be maintained, as the teachers only adjusts and accompanies. In the beginning it is often unfamiliar and very exhausting to rely on the individual practice and to trust oneself. Over time, these doubts pass. Practitioners learn to take responsibility and experience the support of other students.

The Ashtanga Yoga Community Day

A special highlight every year are the Community Days, where newcomers, advanced yogis and yoginis, as well as all teachers have the opportunity to exchange ideas. We talk about meditation, breathing exercises, yoga and philosophical texts and enjoy the time together as a community. Of course, yoga is also practiced together!

The next community day is already being planned: information will be published on Instagram and the community’s Facebook page.

The future plans of the Ashtanga Community

All courses of the Sivananda and Ashtanga traditions will be offered in the rooms of the Ekamati Yoga Center. In addition, the range of philosophy workshops and themed events related to the eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga will be expanded.

The group of Ashtanga practitioners is rapidly growing, which indicates that more and more people are looking for an authentic community as well as a method of personality-developing.

Photographer Simon Gehr

He is taller than most who cross his path, you rarely catch him without his hat, and when he’s on his way to work, he has a camera in his hand. Those who know him, know immediately who I am thinking of. Simon Gehr, photographer from Regensburg, says about himself, „I tell stories about the connection between people.“ I met him to have him tell me some of these stories.

One usually finds him behind the camera. Simon Gehr, photographer from Regensburg.

Simon, were you a photographer from an early age, or how did it come about?

I was admittedly pretty talentless in a lot of things like soccer or skating that other kids my age did, but photography I actually always found exciting. It all started at the skatepark Arena Regensburg. A lot of the kids my age made videos there, but I never thought that was cool. For me, photos were always more interesting. When I was 13, I bought my first camera with the pocket money I had saved up. From that point on, it was all about me. It was my thing from day one.

Who taught you photography?

The idea of doing photography professionally has always floated along but was never concrete. I was a little afraid of losing the fun of the hobby. That’s why I didn’t do a traditional apprenticeship but taught myself how to take pictures. What I appreciated most was the creative freedom of being able to photograph without rules and limits. In the meantime, I have been self-employed for three years and am more than happy about this path.

What is it that you capture with your camera?

I mainly accompany couples on their wedding. Especially in the summer there is quite a lot going on. Apart from that, I do sports and professional reports and business events. During the week I do a lot of couple and family shoots.

He tells stories about the connection between people. Authenticity, that’s what matters to the photographer.

What does photography mean to you?

What musicians achieve with their music and filmmakers create through image and sound, I want to do with photos. Photography is my way of expressing how I tell feelings and stories. Whether it’s wedding photos or accompanying athletes, you could say I take photos reportage-wise. The key component is when, how, what moment is captured. When looking at the pictures, stories emerge through their combination and sequence. Without any sound whatsoever, the whole thing is conveyed. Authenticity is particularly important to me. When I photograph couples, I want to depict how they interact with each other privately. I don’t want to make them laugh artificially, but I don’t want to bring them down artificially either. When friends see the pictures, I want them to say, „that’s 100 percent you!“

Are you always behind the camera or are you sometimes in front of it?

Admittedly, I am relatively reluctant to be photographed and am rather rarely in front of the camera. Of course, I have been photographed by photographer friends. Thus, I know the strange feeling at the beginning only too well. Every time I can put myself well into the situation in front of the lens and therefore try to create as pleasant an atmosphere as possible.

Simon, quick questions, quick answers:

My most unusual shooting location was…?

…a house roof with a view over Landshut. It wasn’t even that safe, but it was definitely worth it.

I have never had to cancel a shooting…?

…never. The weather doesn’t always play along, but there are always solutions.

What annoys me the most about shootings…?

… that the sunset and the good light are over so quickly.

When couples cuddle in front of me…?

…that’s completely normal for me by now. But accompanying a marriage proposal, that’s when I’m actually nervous. When you have the ring in your pocket, you take pictures with shaky hands.

My funniest experience was…?

…falling into a stream. You shouldn’t just walk backwards like that when taking pictures.

I would like to take pictures of…?

…no one in particular. But I would find it very exciting to take portraits of old people, whose faces contain so much history.

Cell phone cameras are getting better and better. For me as a photographer, that’s…?

…not a threat, if that’s what you mean. The crucial component is not the technical quality, which is admittedly getting closer and closer, but when, how, which photo is captured. The creativity to create situations to make beautiful pictures, that is the job of a photographer.

In Regensburg, I prefer taking pictures…?

…in front of beautiful house walls, doors or in backyards. It doesn’t need a special place. Away from the busy streets and squares, the old town has great corners to offer.

The gift idea:

What: taking pictures with Simon. That’s what the photographer is calling his sessions, for which he offers vouchers.

How: for your partner, family, or friends. The voucher for a photo shoot (shoots from 350€) can be purchased from Simon at any time and then redeemed by appointment.

Where: whether at the Alpinsteig in Eilsbrunn, on the Danube riverside, in the countless beautiful corners of Regensburg’s old town or at home. Everything is possible.

Why: being photographed by Simon is not so much a shooting as lovely time spent together. A shared experience that you can always remember through the images he selects and edits.

If one is worried about the possibility of no beautiful photo arising, Simon promises: „There is always a beautiful picture, because after all, that’s my job.“

Here, you can reach Simon and get even more impressions of his work.

Instagram: simongehr


Author: Verena Geitz

Die geflickte Trommel – a portal to the Middle Ages

„An inn from a bygone era“.

Inside the medieval vaults from the 14th and 17th centuries, you get the feeling of being in an old tavern – the servants dressed in old robes serve exquisite cervesias, also called beers, as well as a wide selection of tartes flambées and other delicacies for affordable prices. The barmaids and servants liven up the tavern and make it a unique place to escape the fast-paced everyday life for a few hours and turn back time a few centuries. The cozy guest room is furnished authentically and with many small eye-catchers such as goblins, which almost enviously look over your shoulder while you eat. In the summer, you can also enjoy the romantic courtyard. What used to be a horse stable is now used as a kitchen or a small guest room. In a dim atmosphere with candlelight and rustic furnishings, you can have your old-fashioned meals while listening to soft medieval sounds.

„Food and drink“

The restaurant, as it is now known, has been around since February 2008, when Regensburg-born Wilhelm Grünmüller took over. Since then, the trained confectioner has served many regional products with German mead, homemade bread and tasty tartes flambées. The thin dough pancakes are available from 7.20 euros, and if you’re feeling peckish, you can get your hands on sandwiches topped with cheese and smoked meat for less than four euros. With the large selection of different tartes flambées, vegetarians and vegans will also easily find what they are looking for.

As was common in the Middle Ages, the people at „Die geflickte Trommel“ talk face to face in the old-fashioned way – because there is no cell phone reception inside of the thick walls.

„Here, all stands and ranks find each other“.

At „Die geflickte Trommel“ you will meet all kinds of people: whether young or old, business student or medieval fan, all sorts of people are represented. Among them, there are certainly one or two Terry Pratchett fans – the name of the restaurant originated from his Discworld novels. Various regulars‘ tables and role-playing events take place at „Die geflickte Trommel“. Events such as readings or Sunday brunches are announced in advance on the Facebook page.

The selection of dishes also makes it easy for you to go back in time: whether it’s suckling pig or a knight’s dinner, you will get the feeling of dining inside a castle. For those who want to give away such an experience, there is the possibility of buying vouchers.

„Your path to the Middle Ages“

Curious first-time visitors should not be deterred by the somewhat hidden location: from Neupfarrplatz, follow Gesandten Straße; just before the intersection with Spiegelgasse, turn right into a narrow passageway that features a beautiful vault, which leads into the inner courtyard. Afterwards you will be rewarded with all kinds of delicacies and the best service. As in the old days, you can only pay the bill by coins and paper money.

It is advisable to make reservations on Fridays and the weekends, as this is when large crowds of common people are drawn to the tavern. The bar staff gladly accepts reservations via phone calls (0941-56996489) or by e-mail.

For groups of twenty people or more, the „Geflickte Trommel“ also opens its doors during the day.

Author: Veronika Lehner, OTH Regensburg