Sticky Fingers

The rock’n’roll star among Regensburg’s restaurants

Dark and loud – that’s what Sticky Fingers is. Located in Untere Bachgasse in the heart of Regensburg, Sticky Fingers is a mixture of restaurant and bar, and it wants to stand out, stand out and go different ways. When you walk through the front door, you get the feeling of leaving the old town and going to dinner in London or New York. At Sticky Fingers you can experience the gastronomy of tomorrow.

Feel-good atmosphere instead of restaurant etiquette

Eating with chopsticks or your fingers and sharing dishes – this freedom is intentional and part of the experience: young, creative cuisine with an Asian twist, enjoyed in family style. That’s the motto of Sticky Fingers.

Once you enter Sticky Fingers, you immediately notice the dark and minimalist décor. The old walls that are part of the design certainly have a lot to say and targeted light spots create a very special atmosphere in which both the young and the old feel at home. The special ambience is rounded off by rock music, as the name suggests.

Sticky Fingers by the Rollings Stones is the favorite album of the owner and Michelin-starred chef Anton Schmaus, who runs two other restaurants in Regensburg besides Sticky Fingers: Storstad and Cafe Antoinette. In addition to Regensburg’s clientele, the German national football team, for example at the 2018 World Cup, can also look forward to the cuisine of the chef from the Upper Palatinate.

Experience hot food trends through fusion cuisine

Fusion cuisine combines different dishes and does so across the boundaries of the familiar. Sticky Finger’s cuisine picks up on current trends from around the world and creatively creates new combinations. Neither the passionate chefs nor the guests should be bored or stand still. The menu, which consists of five different courses, changes regularly: for example, currently Sticky Fingers offers the „Omakase“ menu which consists of various fish, beef, chicken, and bean dishes for 57 euros (as of Jan. 12, 2020).

But individual dishes can also be combined as desired. An insight into the menu and a reservation tool can be found on the website of the Old Town Restaurant ( In addition to the thoughtful food, a variety of delicious cocktails as well as a wide selection of wines round out the overall picture of the modern and rocking bar-restaurant. Even renowned culinary magazines such as Guide-Michelin, Feinschmecker or Rolling Gusto are already convinced by Sticky Fingers!

Have fun and enjoy your meal at Sticky Fingers in Regensburg.