Stenz – Ice cream

What is offered?

The offer of the Stenz ice cream parlor is very diverse and leaves nothing to be desired for. What’s special about the ice cream parlor is that the products are prepared freshly every day with mostly regional products, and you can even observe that. Behind the room with the counter and a few seats is the area where both the ice cream, as well as the waffles and sauces are made.

Stenz has become a cult in Regensburg, as it shapes the Bismarckplatz, especially in the summer, with the high number of customers and convinces with its diverse range of products.

The Stenz team permanently produces ice cream varieties, such as the classics chocolate, vanilla, stracciatella and yogurt ice cream as well as a selection of vegan sorbets. However, the confectioners are given free rein to create ever new ice cream varieties and flavors. There are seasonal offerings, such as speculoos, gingerbread, punch, and rice pudding ice cream with apple cinnamon or plum in the winter. In the summer, the sorbets are particularly popular. A highlight is the Stenz ice cream, which is a kind of Hugo in ice form and consists of lemon, mint and Prosecco. You can even enjoy gin-tonic ice cream, which is made with Regensburg’s Eisvogel gin. Hence, there’s always something new being tried out. In addition, you can still expand the range and share your own ideas for ice cream varieties with the staff. Maybe there’s even a chance of you soon getting the ice cream of your dreams. A scoop of ice cream is available for 1, 40 € (a childrens’ scoop for kids of up to ten years of age is available for 0, 80 €).

Besides ice cream, there are other high-quality products in the assortment. For instance Belgian waffles, which can be topped with powdered sugar, whipped cream, various toppings, homemade caramel, strawberry or chocolate sauce and ice cream. Furthermore, there is the possibility of getting original macarons from France in different varieties. These are directly delivered by Fabrique Gilotte to the Stenz ice cream parlor by refrigerated trucks.

How did the Regensburg ice cream parlor come into being?

Since 2011, Stenz ice cream has enriched Regensburg’s old town and attracted numerous customers, especially in the summer, who can snack on sweet treats in keeping with the motto „a bit of ice cream is always good“. The saying is derived from the Bavarian saying „ein bisserl was geht immer“ (a little bit can never harm) from the Bavarian cult series Monaco Franze, which accompanied the founders Thomas Juppe and his friends. With the opening of the ice cream parlor, they fulfilled themselves a childhood dream. Thus „the eternal Stenz“ became the name bearer of „Stenz-Eis“. Meanwhile, there are already two branches, each with their own production (one at Bismarckplatz and one in the DEZ), where you can enjoy ice cream, waffles, and macarons.

Gifts with taste! With the vouchers for a scoop of ice cream you can give surprise your loved ones.

Gift ideas and souvenirs:

Both single and ten-item vouchers for one scoop of ice cream each can be purchased. A perfect gift idea for the young and the old, for children’s birthdays, homemade Advent calendars or, to simply bring someone some joy.

For parties and special occasions, you can also order an ice cream bomb as a dessert, pre-order ice cream or rent the mobile ice cream counter. A gift with taste!