Stadtmaus Regensburg

Experience Regensburg’s history!

Experiencing Regensburg’s history from the perspective of a criminal, a fowler, an executioner, or a harlot? With guided tours by the Stadtmaus Regensburg, you embark on the paths of Regensburg’s history and get an insight from the most exciting angles. With a little question and answer game we let Mr. Ruhfaß, the managing director and co-founder of Stadtmaus Regensburg, complete our sentences.

If I had to describe the Stadtmaus in 3 words, they would be …?

… We. love. History.

For me it is particularly important that visitors …?

… that they go home with a smile.

Conventional city tour vs. city mouse: The city mouse makes …?

Get to know Regensburg’s history from a variety of angles. Image rights: Florian Hammerich

… it makes history an experience. Above all, it’s the real-life approach that counts for us. We don’t want to „mow down“ visitors with facts and figures, but rather provide them with emotional access. This includes taking up everyday-processes and needs that have accompanied people through the centuries, for example: What did children have for breakfast in the 16th century? We want to meet people where they are. To make history tangible without being platitudinous.

Stadtmaus has been around for over 21 years and the competition never sleeps – in order to stay up-to-date we …?

move forward and do not look back, because the best is still ahead of us. We are always trying to develop further, for example: to what extent can we integrate the cell phone into guided tours and take up on digitalisation? We also do guided tours at Continental in the factory or in the new Museum of Bavarian History …. – we are open in all directions and the competition never sleeps anyway. We have been copied a lot, but as they always say: Copying is the highest form of recognition!

For staying innovative and successful, I draw inspiration from …?

… my team, the people here at our company. With a range of 18-68 years, there is everything you need and innovative ideas stroll in regularly. We are all incredibly curious. Input from people and the world around me is the best inspiration. A lot of times it starts with the craziest ideas and those are the ones that work successfully.

What’s the most bizarre order request you’ve ever received?

(Laughs and then gets serious) I can’t tell you. We’ve done some really crazy stuff and I don’t know if people really want to read this.

A voucher for the Regensburg Stadtmaus is …?

… priceless! A wonderful gift.

If I had to convince a sceptical person of a tour guided by the Regensburg Stadtmaus, I would say…?

… many would say „Oh God, there’s drama involved! That’s totally stupid! That’s just a copy of history.“ But that’s not the case. At Stadtmaus, people perform and we always take our cues from historical inspirations that tell stories from their lives. It’s not boring and it’s well-researched. It’s about experiencing the city. What I mean by that is: I can have a coffee on my own, but in the 1.5 hours that I am on the guided tour, I can experience the city from a completely different point of view. I promise you, if you go along, you will see the city with completely different eyes and it will get you hooked so you will want to have more of it!

Mr. Ruhfaß, thank you very much for the exciting interview!


Author: Anna Grundner