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Wellness for your skin & hair!

Making your skin & hair feel well! Lana Pfund realized her dream of owning her own beauty salon in 2019. The exclusive Aveda salon is located in the district of Stadtamhof in the Bäckersche Höfe. The hairdresser attaches particular importance to sustainability and therefore only uses natural products and cosmetics from the Aveda brand. 

Welcome to the modernly design beauty oasis! (Image copyright: Lana Pfund)

Individual consultation and hair analysis 

In addition to hairstyles and make-up styling, Lana Pfund and her team also offer advice on care. Only after an analysis of the hair and skin is decided which natural products suit the respective type. The friendly staff conjures up an exclusive make-up for every occasion. With a natural complexion and a dreamy hairstyle, a wedding or a round birthday will be unforgettable. 

The salon in the Bäckersche Höfe

The salon is located in one of the most beautiful districts in Regensburg. Close to the old town, directly at Regen and Danube and easy to reach from everywhere. From Stadtamhof, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Protzenweiher Bridge leads directly to the Bäckersche Höfe. Frankenstraße also leads to the salon. 

Once arrived, clients are welcomed in an elegant atmosphere and greeted with aromatic tea. Essential oils provide relaxation and serenity. 

You are being received in an elegant atmosphere. (Image copyright: Lana Pfund) 

„We don’t help you become another person, we help you become yourself.“ (Lana Pfund)

The young team of stylists sees itself as artists in the service of beauty. Lana Pfund herself has been working in this industry for 17 years. She is a blonde specialist and has gained experience in renowned salons such as Fabien K in Munich. With enthusiasm and joy in her work, the hairdresser passes on her knowledge to the trainees. 

The young owner of the salon (Image copyright: Lana Pound) 

Animal testing is out of place here: the products of the Aveda brand.

All the products that are being used were produced by the Aveda brand. The ingredients are of natural origin and developed without any animal testing. The basis for the exceptional care products for skin and hair are the traditional plant teachings Ayurveda and the Indian art of healing. From brushes and conditioners to hair oil and dry shampoo, there is something for everyone. Prices range from 9€ to 45€.

Care products of natural origin (Image copyright: Lana Pfund) 

Gift idea:  

What? Voucher for a treatment or Aveda products. 

What’s the price? e.g. haircut for ladies 52€ (students get discount :-))

How can i book an appointment? Online via the website or by phone 0941 8979 4444

Where? Frankenstraße 7a in Regensburg 


Lana Pfund  
Bäckersche Höfe  
Frankenstraße 7a  
93059 Regensburg  
0941 89794444 

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Author: Kim Hesse, OTH Regensburg