Keramik Weissenseel

A rarity in Regensburg

Anyone strolling through Regensburg’s Ludwigstrasse will be drawn to the still preserved, old, beautiful store window of owner Christine Weissenseel’s store workshop. In front of the store, you will find all kinds of creations that make you want to immediately take a small souvenir with you.

Owner Christine Weissenseel in front of her store workshop in Ludwigstraße. Photo: Christine Weissenseel

Sustainable products made by master craftsmen

As early as in 1989, the trained master ceramist fulfilled her dream of having her own store workshop and specialized in stoneware – a sub-area of the ceramic craft. Stoneware clay is particularly characterized by long durability and subtle, yet strong colors. Over the years Christine Weissenseel has developed her own glazes. She produces them mostly from raw materials found in nature (e.g. quartz and feldspar) and colors them.

How are the creations made?

Depending on the shape and complexity of the vessels, the working process takes several weeks. First, Christine Weissenseel shapes the material in several passes with the help of a turntable. Later, the finished mold must dry for a few days at the right temperature and may then be fired for the first time at 900° in the kiln. In the next step, the ceramist applies the glaze and fires the creations a second time at over 1250° in the kiln. Firing at such high temperatures ensures that the vessels are very resistant and even oven and dishwasher safe.

Vessels in all colors and shapes

Christine Weissenseel offers mainly bowls, vases and drinking vessels for tea, espresso, and coffee. Depending on the season, the colors of the creations vary. Thus, in summer there are fresher yellow and green tones and in winter warm earth and red tones to buy. But all designs have one thing in common: they are simple, timeless and of very high quality. Small items are already available from 9 euros – depending on the effort in the decor, the prices vary.

And if it should be even more original, Christine Weissenseel also accepts commissioned work. During an on-site meeting, the owner and her customers discuss exactly which shapes and colors the pieces will have. And that is exactly why she has many regular customers who have remained loyal to her and the small store workshop for years.

Insider tip

Creative customers can purchase clay as raw material in the store and work it at home. If the creation is successful, Christine Weissenseel fires and glazes the work of art as desired. The perfect idea for an individual gift from the heart!

Author: Sabrina Stinn, OTH Regensburg