Body care products of natural origin

Fine fragrances. Feeling good. Taking care of your body and soul. Making others happy. Using the power of nature. That’s what Einseifer is all about: Yes, you can call the store a little oasis of well-being! Whether cold-stirred sheeps’ milk soaps in various flavors, bath chocolates, shea butter soaps, various types of balm, hand cream, scented sachets, lip care, sugar scrub, body lotion, milk and foam baths or fine French Karite butter soap, which is also suitable for vegans – at Einseifer you can find any kind of soap. Various gift items, bath utensils, dog shampoo soaps, children’s soaps in the shape of animals or soap dishes made of porcelain or olive wood complete the range.

The right fragrance for every guest!

Most of the products are manufactured in the company’s own soap factory in Meissen. The producers attach great importance to the fact that they do not use any artificial ingredients, but only rely on the treasures of nature. Owner Dirk Schneider is always looking to expand the range and create something new for his clientele.

Traditional family-run soap factory from Neissen

The history of the Meissen soap factory began as early as in 1762. Until 1920, the Barth family operated a small soap factory near Dresden. Due to a shortage of raw materials in the 1920s, part of the family specialized in the drugstore trade, which existed until 1974. What remained was a fund of old recipes. Although soap production had to be stopped in Meissen for almost 80 years, the tradition of Meissen soap was, however, continued in the consumer soap factory in 1908. Since 2003, Meissen soap is now again traditionally produced in-house in Meissen. As the only descendant of the Barth family, owner Dirk Schneider continues the tradition. The products are sold in Meissen, Dresden and here in beautiful Regensburg.

Fragrant soap paradise in Tändlergasse

Between the cathedral and the Hofbräuhaus you can find since March 2007 in Tändlergasse, the soap paradise par excellence. As soon as you enter the store, fresh-smelling scents fill your nose, and the wide range of different soap products in a wide variety of shapes and colors make you want to discover the special features of the individual products in more detail.

Whether as a small souvenir or as a high-quality gift, there are plenty of gift ideas at Einseifer. The friendly employees of Dirk Schneider are always available to answer questions and advise their customers with enthusiasm and competence.

Author: Sophie Heitzer