Die geflickte Trommel – a portal to the Middle Ages

„An inn from a bygone era“.

Inside the medieval vaults from the 14th and 17th centuries, you get the feeling of being in an old tavern – the servants dressed in old robes serve exquisite cervesias, also called beers, as well as a wide selection of tartes flambées and other delicacies for affordable prices. The barmaids and servants liven up the tavern and make it a unique place to escape the fast-paced everyday life for a few hours and turn back time a few centuries. The cozy guest room is furnished authentically and with many small eye-catchers such as goblins, which almost enviously look over your shoulder while you eat. In the summer, you can also enjoy the romantic courtyard. What used to be a horse stable is now used as a kitchen or a small guest room. In a dim atmosphere with candlelight and rustic furnishings, you can have your old-fashioned meals while listening to soft medieval sounds.

„Food and drink“

The restaurant, as it is now known, has been around since February 2008, when Regensburg-born Wilhelm Grünmüller took over. Since then, the trained confectioner has served many regional products with German mead, homemade bread and tasty tartes flambées. The thin dough pancakes are available from 7.20 euros, and if you’re feeling peckish, you can get your hands on sandwiches topped with cheese and smoked meat for less than four euros. With the large selection of different tartes flambées, vegetarians and vegans will also easily find what they are looking for.

As was common in the Middle Ages, the people at „Die geflickte Trommel“ talk face to face in the old-fashioned way – because there is no cell phone reception inside of the thick walls.

„Here, all stands and ranks find each other“.

At „Die geflickte Trommel“ you will meet all kinds of people: whether young or old, business student or medieval fan, all sorts of people are represented. Among them, there are certainly one or two Terry Pratchett fans – the name of the restaurant originated from his Discworld novels. Various regulars‘ tables and role-playing events take place at „Die geflickte Trommel“. Events such as readings or Sunday brunches are announced in advance on the Facebook page.

The selection of dishes also makes it easy for you to go back in time: whether it’s suckling pig or a knight’s dinner, you will get the feeling of dining inside a castle. For those who want to give away such an experience, there is the possibility of buying vouchers.

„Your path to the Middle Ages“

Curious first-time visitors should not be deterred by the somewhat hidden location: from Neupfarrplatz, follow Gesandten Straße; just before the intersection with Spiegelgasse, turn right into a narrow passageway that features a beautiful vault, which leads into the inner courtyard. Afterwards you will be rewarded with all kinds of delicacies and the best service. As in the old days, you can only pay the bill by coins and paper money.

It is advisable to make reservations on Fridays and the weekends, as this is when large crowds of common people are drawn to the tavern. The bar staff gladly accepts reservations via phone calls (0941-56996489) or by e-mail.

For groups of twenty people or more, the „Geflickte Trommel“ also opens its doors during the day.

Author: Veronika Lehner, OTH Regensburg