Café Lila

The Regensburg breakfast café

This café, which is located directly at Haidplatz, makes our hearts beat faster in the morning, and has been doing so for decades. With a selection of 30 breakfast offers, which are almost exclusively self-prepared, one may become speechless for a moment! is your interest aroused?

A fairly traded coffee or an organically sourced tea – you won’t find them everywhere in Regensburg!

Then have a look right here

There is a large selection for vegetarians, a breakfast offer for vegans and Muslims as well as the breakfast Lila, for two persons. Breakfast can be ordered daily from eight to five.

In the evening, most guests like to order burgers or kumpir* and can find a spot in one of the two large rooms, although there is also a bar and a corresponding cocktail menu in the entrance room.

Regensburg artists

If you want to enjoy the silence in the morning before the day breaks, it is better to visit the café before 11 am. On weekends it is advisable to reserve a place beforehand. It is also possible to reserve a whole room (companies, classes, groups) or to rent it.

While waiting for your order, you can admire the changing exhibition of regional artists hanging on the walls and buy a copy later. You can also read a newspaper or a magazine, of which there is a larger selection. You can also listen to the pop music that is played in the evenings and on weekends.

Regensburger guests

Café Lila is especially popular with students and employees who want to enjoy their break. The regulars have been convinced of the quality for 30 years.

Lila Street Food in the Pustet Passage

In addition to the restaurant, there is also a street food store, which offers some products at a discount. Among other things, you can buy burgers (e.g., halloumi burgers, cheese Burgers), kumpirs (e.g. salmon kumpirs, antipasti kumpirs, vegan kumpirs), fries (e.g. with a homemade pepper-aubergine dip or simply with ketchup), drinks (water, sodas, beer, wine spritzer), breads (e.g. avocado toast) and Currywurst (fried sausage with curry sauce) with homemade curry sauce. By the way, the packaging is biodegradable.

Food orders

The café also has an in-house pastry chef, who is happy to take orders for cakes and pies for personal celebrations and is responsible for the cake showcase at Café Lila. Food orders for events are also possible.

Gift idea

You can order a gift voucher for a breakfast or for any amount starting from 5€. The price range for breakfasts is between 4,20€ (continental breakfast) and 28€ (breakfast Lila for two). How about a voucher for a „Scandinavian Breakfast“, a „Chili Breakfast“, a „Franconian Breakfast“ or a „Breakfast Lichtenstein“ for your sweetheart?

*Giant potato that spends several hours in the oven before being stirred with butter and salt and served with a cream-fresh dip and herbs. There is a choice of toppings alongside antipasti, vegetables, or bulgur lentils. Hmm, yum!