Café Freiraum

A taste of old town flair

Café Freiraum is located just a few steps away from Fröhliche-Türken-Strasse in Regensburg. Its predecessor, Café Herzblut, was already well-known in the city for its breakfast menu. Renamed „Café Freiraum“, the restaurant follows the tradition and serves mainly breakfast, but also lunch dishes, cakes, and small evening meals.

The café can definitely be considered something special as its location and interior are memorable. „Freiraum“ is not only a free space in its literate sense: it offers both a winter garden and a small outdoor seating area in the courtyard. Trees, fairy lights, colored ceilings, wood paneling and soft soul/funk music create a homey atmosphere both outside and inside.

Guests from Regensburg

Guests from a wide range of age groups meet at Café Freiraum. Depending on the time of the day, pupils, students, groups of friends, work colleagues and senior citizens from Regensburg take the time to linger and drink coffee. As a secret pearl of Regensburg’s old town, Café Freiraum does not attract many tourists.

Hollywood in Regensburg

Café Freiraum opens its doors every day at 9 a.m. for the first breakfast guests. Café owner Merlin Szabo places particular emphasis on the quality and freshness of the food at „Freiraum“. To this end, he tests all the ingredients and components of the dishes himself for taste. Only what tastes good to him is put on the plates of the guests. Café Freiraum not only pays attention to selected ingredients, but also attaches great importance to the fresh preparation of the dishes. From waffle batter to casseroles, everything is freshly prepared in the kitchen for the orders.

The owner has a recommendation for his guests: the Hollywood breakfast. Served with pancakes, fried eggs with bacon, toast, chocolate cream and blood orange juice, the breakfast convinces him every time. Of course, vegetarian, or classic breakfast alternatives can also be chosen. On Sundays, the café also offers a breakfast buffet.

„Recup“ auch im Freiraum

Café Freiraum has recently become part of a network that offers reusable deposit cups as a replacement for disposable coffee cups. Two Munich students have developed the recyclable “Recup” cup and the associated system. The system is simple but effective: coffee connoisseurs borrow a to-go cup for one euro at one of the participating stores. Once the cup is empty, you can simply return it to another participating store. The euro is then returned. This saves resources and produces less waste from disposable cups.

At Café Freiraum, a coffee in a “Recup” cup is available for €2.50. Other “Recup” stations in Regensburg include Café Lila, Café Rehorik and Café Malefiz. For a full list of participating stores in Regensburg and other cities, click here or check out the official app.

Gift idea

Whether you are young or old – there is something for everyone at Café Freiraum. Therefore, vouchers are particularly suitable as a birthday or Christmas gift. A gift voucher can be created for any amount of money and given away immediately. A good idea if you are still spontaneously looking for a gift!

For a larger party, the café gladly accepts reservations, so that nothing stands in the way of a cozy celebration at Café Freiraum.

Status: 09.12.2019 – subject to change.