Bratwurst at the Wurstkuchl

Sausages from Regensburg

The Wurstkuchl once served as a construction office during the building of the stone bridge. Today the historic building is best known for its homemade sausages, sauerkraut from its own fermentation cellar and Wurstkuchl-mustard.

Owned by the Schricker family since the 19th century, the Wurstkuchl is definitely one of Regensburg’s sights and its sense of tradition makes it very popular with vacationers as well as locals.

A great gift idea from Regensburg for every sausage lover!


  • Wurstkuchl Brotzeithäusl in gift packaging with 1 tin of 15 original Regensburger Bratwurstl, 1 can of Wurstkuchl Sauerkraut and 1 can of Wurstkuchl Hausmacher potato soup.
  • Wurstkuchl Bratwursthäusl in a gift box with 3 cans of 10 original Regensburger Bratwurstl

The perfect souvenir to enjoy a piece of Regensburg at home with family and friends.


Between €14.00 and €15.00