Authentic Pizza Napoletana in the „northernmost city of Italy“.

Running in Obere Bachgasse since 2018, Balboa promises Regensburg’s best Neapolitan pizza. The philosophy of Balboa is to bring the taste of southern Italy to Regensburg using ingredients from Italy and traditional methods of production in a wood-fired oven. The founders drew inspiration for this from their trips to Naples – the home of the two „pizzaioli“ (pizza makers).

The secret formula: Italian ingredients and a lot of amore

In contrast to the Pizza Romana, which is mainly eaten in the north of Italy, the dough of the Pizza Napoletana is much softer and fluffier and has the typical higher edge („bordo alto“). The secret of the original lies in the quality of the ingredients and the preparation in the wood-fired oven – and a pinch of amore by the pizzaioli. In addition to traditional southern Italian cuisine, another focus of the restaurant is the Slow Food concept, which also originated in Italy. Slow Food describes the combination of a socially and ecologically responsible food system with the enjoyment and passion for good food.

Passion, craft and a lot of amore: the pizza makers Enzo Granata and Dottore Francesco from Napoli.

Antipasto, Pizza e dolce

The menu offers mainly pizza and numerous variations of the ever-popular classic such as the „Casale“ pizza with pancetta, eggplant and pecorino or the „Adrian“ pizza with grilled vegetables and basil. In addition to a variety of pizzas, there are also Italian appetizers and, of course, desserts. In addition, Balboa offers a drinks menu with high quality spirits.

A secret tip is the original pizza from Napoli: the Margherita with San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella from Campania and basil. Size-wise, the pizzas are just right for medium to large appetites, though you can also share a pizza and add an appetizer or dessert. If you want to go after the origins of Balboa, the best way is to order the „Italian Stallion“ pizza with buffalo mozzarella, Parma ham, arugula, and Parmesan. „Italian Stallion“ is a movie from the 70s with Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone, to whom Balboa owes its name. Are you hungry yet? Check out the menu and more pizza inspiration on Balboa’s Facebook page.

Restaurant and bar – the perfect pair

Balboa combines restaurant and bar in one: during the week, as well as on Sundays, Balboa opens its doors towards evening and invites you to enjoy antipasti, pizza and more. On Saturdays there is the possibility to enjoy the Pizza Napoletana not only in the evening, but also already at noon. Balboa combines restaurant and bar enjoyment: from late hours the lights are dimmed, and a cozy bar atmosphere is created. If you want Balboa’s pizza at home, you can order it via DeinButler.

On warm summer evenings, Balboa invites you to enjoy pizza and aperitivo in the charming courtyard or on the terrace.

Experience the taste of southern Italy with a Balboa gift certificate

At Balboa everyone is invited to enjoy a wonderful evening with good friends, a delicious pizza and quality drinks. Anyone who values quality and good ingredients is welcome. Whether for a romantic date or a celebration with friends, Balboa is a suitable location. Vouchers for an optional amount are available at the Balboa itself.

Giving is a pleasure: enjoy the taste of Southern Italy with family and friends at Balboa in Regensburg.

Status: 27.11.2019 – subject to change.