Ashtanga Yoga Community Regensburg

It’s time to roll out the yoga mat and discover the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, which inspires yoga practitioners all around the world. For many people, the combinations of physical and mental exercises is a perfect balance. The Ashtanga Yoga Community Regensburg can help strengthening your body and mind.

A Yoga community that emphasises wellness

Nikolas Michos is a certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher and founded the Ashtanaga Yoga Regensburg Community in 2016, which has since developed into an active community of practitioners. For the community, it is important to build a warm and special connection to the practitioners, in order to be able to respond to individual needs. The teachers of the Ashtanaga Yoga Regensburg community all practice in their own unique way and offer individually designed practices of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

Ashtanga Yoga is a mirror for one’s own soul

Nine years ago, Madga came into contact with yoga during a trip through Argentina. During her trip, she was having back pains and was advised to treat it with yoga exercises. Perhaps it was love at first sight, because from that point on she became increasingly involved in various yoga practices and shortly thereafter discovered her passion for Ashtanga Yoga.

Nowadays, she is sharing her great enthusiasm for yoga with her course participants in Regensburg, enabling them to activate their bodies during the yoga practice and to learn the tradition at their own personal pace. For her, it is important that every student appreciates their own individuality. Madga offers Mysore-style yoga, Ashtanga Basics and beginner’s classes, as well as private lessons and in-depth workshops. In addition, she also offers Thai massages.

Team members of the Ashtanga Community Regensburg – Mischi Kraus, Nikolas Michos and Magda Beslmeisl Photo: Magda Beslmeisl

The courses offered by the Ashtanga Community

The diverse range of courses offered by the Ashtanaga Yoga Regensburg Community invites you to try out a wide variety of courses and find the right class for your individual needs. From beginner courses to advanced classes in small groups for Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore style and mediation classes, everything is possible. Every other day you can participate in a different class. The weekly class schedule can be found on the Ashtanaga Yoga Community website or on their Instagram @ashtangayogaregensburg.

It is recommended to check the community website in advance to see what the requirement for attending a class are. Due to the limited number of mats, registration for classes is required. All important information can be found directly on the homepage. There is the possibility of buying a 10-card or of booking a drop-in lesson. The prices for a yoga class are the same for all teachers.

The practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is one of the most popular forms of yoga in the world, as regular practice strengthens both mental and physical power. The physical endurance which is brought has a cleansing effect on your organs. Ashtanga Yoga is an ancient tradition that translates into „the eight limbs of Yoga“. The tradition integrates, in addition to certain sequences of movement, among other things, breathing techniques, meditation, the study of scriptures and a system of values and norms. The challenge is to establish and maintain a state of balance between one’s body and mind. This style of yoga is suitable not only for young and fit people – but for all of those who are interested in joining in.

It is important to the teachers of the Ashtanga community to take into account the physical constitution of each individual and to teach adapted forms of exercising. Thus, a variety of exercises can be used in a therapeutical and healing manner.

The focus of Ashtanga yoga training: individual needs and goals

The Ashtanga Yoga community attaches great importance to making sure that the practitioners feel comfortable all around. You don’t have to look good in yoga pants, you don’t even have to wear yoga leisure at all. It is mainly about the practitioner – as a human being alongside its body, mind and soul. The Ashtanga tradition allows each practitioner to build an individual practice through its set sequences. In accordance with the Mysore style, each person can practice for themselves without being alone. A personal rhythm can be maintained, as the teachers only adjusts and accompanies. In the beginning it is often unfamiliar and very exhausting to rely on the individual practice and to trust oneself. Over time, these doubts pass. Practitioners learn to take responsibility and experience the support of other students.

The Ashtanga Yoga Community Day

A special highlight every year are the Community Days, where newcomers, advanced yogis and yoginis, as well as all teachers have the opportunity to exchange ideas. We talk about meditation, breathing exercises, yoga and philosophical texts and enjoy the time together as a community. Of course, yoga is also practiced together!

The next community day is already being planned: information will be published on Instagram and the community’s Facebook page.

The future plans of the Ashtanga Community

All courses of the Sivananda and Ashtanga traditions will be offered in the rooms of the Ekamati Yoga Center. In addition, the range of philosophy workshops and themed events related to the eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga will be expanded.

The group of Ashtanga practitioners is rapidly growing, which indicates that more and more people are looking for an authentic community as well as a method of personality-developing.