Amore, Vino & Amici

A piece of Sicily in the middle of the old town of Regensburg

Love, wine, and good friends: as we all know, that’s all it takes to spend a wonderful evening. If you’re looking for the right place to spend time together, you’ll find it in the heart of Regensburg’s old town. In the shadow of the Pustet Passage, not far from Haidplatz, you will find Amore, Vino & Amici in a small alley.

The Italian restaurant is run by founder and current manager Davide D’Antoni. Since then, it has been considered a meeting place for anyone who wants to enjoy upscale Sicilian cuisine in an inviting atmosphere.

Amore: love is in the details

The D’Antoni family’s gastronomic history dates back to the late 1960s. Since Davide’s father made a name for himself in the cathedral city with the first soft ice cream machine at the Regensburger Dult, it’s hard to imagine the gastronomic scene without the Sicilians. After running several successful espresso bars and pizzerias, Davide realized his dream of opening his own restaurant in 2015. Located in the picturesque „Haus der Begegnung“, the restaurant Amore, Vino & Amici, designed for 120 guests, is located on the first floor. During the renovation, which the trained hotel manager supervised, particular attention was paid to preserving the historic substance. Thus, the ambiance inspires today by a successful connection of medieval building fabric, created by the noble family of the Gravenreuther, as well as modern style elements as memory of the Sicilian homeland. For example, guests can take a seat on the restored bench from a regional train of the 1970s while marveling at the imposing ceiling structure made of 14th century wood. Those who visit Amici in the summer get the feeling of spending a short vacation in Italy in the restaurant’s courtyard. Thanks to the lovingly selected furnishings and the Venetian architectural style of the surrounding houses, the illusion of a small, Sicilian town in the middle of Regensburg becomes perfect.

Davide D’Antoni, founder and manager

Vino: Il pesce vuole nuotare tre volte

Der Fisch will dreimal schwimmen: In Wasser, Öl und Wein. Dieses italienische Sprichwort beschreibt wohl am besten, welche Kulinarik den Gast auf der Speisekarte erwartet. So kommt einmal wöchentlich die Lieferung des frischen Fisches direkt aus Italien. Neben Wolfsbarsch, Babycalamari und Yellowfin Thunfisch lässt sich auch Schwertfisch aus der Heimatstadt Messina nahezu fangfrisch genießen. Als beliebteste Beilage gilt hier die hausgemachte Pasta, die mit einem eigens kreierten Mehl täglich frisch und von Hand zubereitet wird. Dazu gibt es, auf Wunsch, vom Chef persönlich eine Weinberatung. Zu der Carta dei Vini hat Davide D’Antoni schließlich eine ganz besondere Beziehung. Bevor ein neuer Wein im Amici angeboten wird, muss er den Geschäftsführer selbst rundum überzeugen. Dazu gehören auch die Herkunft und Herstellung, weshalb zu allen Winzern ein persönlicher Kontakt besteht. Bei regelmäßigen Reisen nach Lugana wählt er die neuen Kreationen aus.

Amici: Enjoy with friends

Davide D’Antoni welcomes everyone who not only wants to enjoy Sicilian food in Regensburg, but also to experience it. Discounted creations are offered around lunchtime, so it’s worth visiting during the day as well. Those who prefer to spend the evening with friends and family at the restaurant should make reservations in advance by phone or online via the website. Since there is something on the menu in every price range, from pizza to entrecote of beef, a meal at Amore, Vino & Amici makes an ideal gift for any lover of the southern cuisine.

Text & pictures: Niklas Axer